When you want to fix a small corner at home to place a small home office, there are many possibilities of decoration and arrangement. Whatever the desired style, seek simplicity and practicality to make it possible no matter what your budget is, and a relative neutrality that allows you to include slightly discordant elements and create combinations with other styles, especially if the decor in the rest of your home varies considerably.

But apart from simplicity, how can you achieve an attractive and efficient configuration? We give you 5 key decor tips to consider when you want to make a small home office.

1. Colors

Small Office Home

Setting a good color palette is basic. Use subtle shades to create warmth and the tranquility that will help you stay focused.

It is also fine if you bet on other shades that have nothing to do with the pastel range, but be careful when choosing, and try composing your own color palette before painting any wall or buy any furniture, so you get to imagine how everything would look like together.

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2. Personalization

office space

In the end, almost without realizing it, we end up liking more those spaces, places and unique details that give us special sensations and the feeling that they have been lived. A home office must have your personal touch, your memories, what inspires you, anything that would denote a differentiation.

Take a look at the third image. The idea is very simple to implement by using a metal mesh for outdoors, which is normally used in the garden. With the mesh you may create a structure that allows a surface on which to place objects and have them all easily accessible without stealing any work space. This is a very cheap idea that you can use to hang pictures, to-do lists, images of inspiration, etc.

3. Display details

As part of the personalization, consider displaying those special details that stand out, where the attention go to and would never go unnoticed despite seeing the whole room. These details are not only an integral part of your customization, but are a strong decorative element.

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4. Combine elements

The extremely flat decorations transmit less. The best is to create combinations in different heights, widths, textures.. A good idea is to include objects within objects: use storage boxes, bowls and trays that help create that effect of grouping and order, where objects that you do not want to become visible are hidden.

5. Order and control

The vast majority of people like their home office to be organized and well maintained; part of this is achieved by using arrangement elements, as mentioned in the previous point. However, there is also a “disorderly order”, that is to say, when you see an apparent disorder, but if you look closely you realize that it is not real; it’s an order where strategically some elements have a chaotic halo; this allows the space to feel more pleasant and effortless. It is especially recommended for those who want to keep everything in perfect order and don’t need to drive crazy if they leave a few objects out of place for some days. You can achieve this by using different types of classifiers, boxes and baskets, glass jars as pencil holders, blackboards, corks, etc.

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