A wasp nest in the house is not something that can be ignored so easily, wasps last at least 6 months building a nest in which they enter and leave the property, if you see at least one wasp it is necessary to take measures to eliminate them.

Should I be worried about a wasp nest?

You should be worried since wasp stings cause at least 70 deaths a year in the US. If you don’t want to be part of that statistic then the best thing to do might be to call in the specialized people to remove the nest. Don’t try it on your own if you have no experience.

How to find a wasp nest in your house?

wasp nest in house

Wasps can sneak in through any small hole or crack in your home. If you have observed even one wasp inside your home, it means there is a nest nearby. You should check the inside of your house, eaves, brickwork, rafters, supports, garage, and areas around vents and vent pipes. If there are cracks in any access areas, fill them with caulk.

How to get rid of a wasp hive in your house?

Indoor wasps are the worst thing that can happen to you depending on the season. Please be aware that you should try these remedies only if you are experienced in dealing with wasps or other insects, and of course, if you are not allergic to them, if you have doubts and are not 100% sure you can face taking a wasp nest on your own, please leave it to a professional and call a pest control service. Here are some tips on how to deal with a wasp nest:

Check for cracks or entry points

If you have screens and don’t have your doors and windows open but you see a wasp indoors, look for cracks or a small gap and seal it with caulk.

Try effective home remedies

A great way to get rid of wasps is with vinegar. To create a homemade wasp repellent, mix two cups of apple cider vinegar, two cups of sugar, and one cup of water. Stir the mixture well and place it near the nest, where it will attract and kill the wasps.

Spray the nests with wasp spray

Wasp spray is effective as long as it is a small nest and used with caution because although it is effective it can cause allergic reactions in both children and adults.

If the nest is in an unfrequented area of your house, spraying it may be a decent option.

Call a professional

Whatever the size of the nest, call a professional. Removing a nest may be easy, but for those who have the experience and tools to do it, it’s a good idea to call a professional.

Can I leave a wasp nest alone?

wasp hive in home

If you do not remove the nest in the early months it will continue to grow and with it will increase the wasp population and thus the wasp infestation. Most probably, you must deal with the wasp nest that has appeared in your house. During this stage of nest building, you can take advantage, as long as it is small, to knock down the nest. To do this you should consider the following tips:

  • Do not use do-it-yourself methods to remove an active wasp nest. It is unsafe and very risky, not only for you but also for the people around you.
  • In the first few months of construction, when the nest is small, you can use a wasp-killing foam to eliminate the nest.
  • An active mature hornet’s nest contains larvae and eggs, which the wasps defend fiercely. They will mercilessly sting anyone they perceive as a threat several times. Even if you just go over to see if it is a wasp nest.
  • Wasps also sting rodents and birds that approach their nest.
  • If you see an abandoned wasp nest in the attic or elsewhere on your property, you can knock it down. They probably abandoned the nest.
  • It is always a prudent and safe option to hire a pest control service to remove an active wasp nest from the attic, wall cavities, or anywhere else on your property, no matter how small is the best solution, every time.
  • Pest controllers remove wasps at night when the queen and worker wasps are asleep.
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How long will a wasp nest last?

Wasp nests are first built in the spring when the weather is warm. They continue to grow throughout the summer and as they enter the cold season they begin to die or hibernate, so a wasp nest lasts about 3 to 4 months. There are the perfect seasons to remove any active wasp nest in your house.

A wasp nest in a house is a red flag for both the family and the property itself, you need to get rid of it as soon as possible and not expose yourself to the terrible stings or become part of the statistics.

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