Many people dream of improving the look of their home. The sophisticated designs featured in home decorating magazines may seem to be a distant dream, but with some simple DIY home decor improvements you can incorporate the same impressive style into your home. You can use these do it yourself decor projects to incorporate high-end style into your house at an affordable price.

Add Color 

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You can add color to a room to change your color scheme easily. Color can easily be added to a space by selecting rugs and throw pillows, or by adding colorful embellishments to textiles you already have in your home. Try to choose one or two colors and use them consistently throughout a room. If you tire of your color scheme easily, you can rotate through different colors, changing them easily throughout the year.

You can also use embroidering machines to easily add beautiful colored patterns to neutral curtains, throws, or pillows. These machines are available for purchase in a wide variety of price ranges and are easy to set up and use. They allow users to embroider many different patterns onto textiles, including florals and geometric shapes.

If you are not interested in purchasing your own embroidery machine, you can use one at many quilting and sewing shops. They’re simple to use because they contain software that embroiders intricate designs without a lot of effort from users. To embroider items using a machine, you simply select the color of thread you want and then select the program from the machine following simple instructions. If you are new to using these machines, you can get assistance from someone at your local sewing shop.

Add Greenery to a room

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Adding greenery to a room is a natural way to clean the air, and it also adds elements of nature and beauty to the space. There are many simple ways you can add greenery to a room. June from the Hometalker decor blog added low-maintenance greenery to her home by creating do it yourself terrariums for her living space. Succulent terrariums are a great way to add greenery to a space because they are easy to care for, even for those who don’t have a successful track record in keeping houseplants.

Do it yourself terrariums can be created easily in just a few simple steps. First, select a clear glass container for your terrarium, preferably something fairly simple with straight or slightly curved sides. Next, put a thin layer of gravel over the bottom of the container. Then, add some house plant compost or soil until the glass container is half to three quarters full. Plant the succulents you’ve chosen in the soil according to the directions on their tags. Finally, add any additional decorative items you’d like, such as garden miniatures, rocks, or mulch. These terrariums can be placed in direct or diffused sunlight, allowing you to rearrange them often.

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Create Sophisticated Storage

Beyond simply adding beauty to a room, you can use decorating improvements to add functionality. There are many easy ways to add sophisticated looking storage to a room that will provide beautiful accents to a space while also allowing you to keep the room free from clutter easily.

Amanda at the Contractor Chronicles made her own storage ladder to hang blankets in just one hour. She started with a few 2×4 boards she had on hand and created a beautiful way to display textiles in her living room. First, she cut the boards so she had two boards that were the length of her desired ladder, with four short rungs. She then marked the longer boards evenly and attached each rung to the long pieces using two screws for the side of each rung. Finally, she finished the ladder by applying a few coats of chalk paint in a light blue color.

These storage ladders are a great project because they are quick and easy to make, and they can be completely customized to suit your needs. You can give this project your own unique spin by customizing the length and width of the ladder to suit your needs. The rungs can be changed by positioning them either flat or at an angle, and the paint can be completely personalized to match the color scheme of your room. These ladders can also be used to display many different types of things, including towels, blankets, or even magazines. Best of all, many people have the necessary supplies to make them already in their garage.


You can boost the looks of your home with these easy diy home decor improvements. The next time you are looking to add modern style to your home, consider using one of these simple do it yourself projects. These projects are quick and easy to complete and deliver impressive results.

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