Are you getting ready to take on some home modification projects? Perhaps you will be knocking down a wall, refitting a bathroom, or converting an attic into a liveable space. No matter the project, it’s always a wise idea to prepare your home before you get started. This will ensure that the existing flooring, cabinets, walls, etc. don’t end up damaged, and it can help with dust containment – which is a pretty big issue during renovation projects.

Declutter and Move Out the Furniture

You will first want to declutter and remove furniture from the room(s) you are working on. This will ensure the items aren’t ruined and give you the space you need to move around. You can store the items in another area of your home that isn’t undergoing renovations, or it may be necessary to rent a temporary storage space during the construction period.

If you can’t remove the items, then you will want to cover them with drop clothes to protect from paint spills and the dust.

Reconfigure the Rooms in Your Home

Depending on which room is being worked on, it may be necessary to reconfigure the space. Take for example a kitchen renovation. You won’t be able to use the kitchen during the renovation process so this means you’ll need to set up a temporary kitchen space elsewhere in your home. If you’re doing your construction project during the summer months, then you can always make use of your backyard grill for cooking.

Help to Cut Down on the Amount of Dust

One of the biggest complaints homeowners have during construction projects is the amount of dust they have to contend with. The dust gets on every surface of the house and doesn’t usually stick to just one room. Taking extra steps to make sure you have done all you can for dust containment will pay off after you complete the project. It will also make living in a home during construction more comfortable.

A great product to use is dust containment doors. This product uses poles that reach from floor to ceiling so a plastic sheet can hang from them. This allows you to create a wall, complete with a sealed door so the dust will stay in one area. For anyone with allergies or asthma living in the house during construction projects, containing the dust is an absolute must.

Consider Your Pets

If you have a pet, such as a cat or a dog, you will need to think about where they will be kept during the construction process. Clearly, your contractor can’t be tripping over a pet while carrying supplies in and out of the home, as this will cause a safety concern. Your pet can stay in a bedroom with the door closed, in a crate, or you may want to think about shipping them off to a friend or family member’s house until the work is done. Each of these preparations will help to ensure the construction project moves along safely, on schedule, and won’t cause damage to other areas and items in your home.

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