Every homeowner knows that they need to spend a bit of money and time to get their home ready for sale. These small outdoor makeovers add value and make your home seem more appealing to the potential buyer.

It’s often forgotten that the curb and the yard need to get the same treatment if you want to get the maximum effect. Most of these projects don’t require professional assistance and could be done over the weekend.

Add color and texture

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One of the worst things you can do to your yard is to make it bland and unnoticeable. Sometimes even a badly kept yard that has some sort of charm and interest to it works better than a boring one. The best way to do so is to add color and texture wherever you can. It has to be planned so you don’t go over the top, but the overall goal is to make your yard bright and fun.

Try to have at least five trees, 25 shrubs, and 60 perennials. This will change the landscape and also help you conserve more energy because it isolates the property quite nicely.

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An irrigation system

This is a long-term project that takes a while to set up, but it also changes your backyard forever. If you have a big and well-kept lawn, you probably know how much effort it takes to water it and keep it in that pristine condition. Installing an irrigation system will take care of this for good.

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An irrigation system will automatically water the lawn and you could set it up to do it on a timetable that’s best suited to the way you use the yard. This also saves water in comparison to watering it manually.

Setting up a patio

A patio makes a great addition to your backyard. It’s a place to relax with family and friends and to enjoy the surroundings and the company. It could be as elaborate as you want it to be – from a few comfortable chairs to an outside kitchen and barbeque.

patio ideas

Tree removal is a great way to clear the terrain. Professionals could do this in an afternoon and the rest of the work is up to your taste and the funds you have available at your disposal.

A year-round yard

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Yards are usually a seasonal thing – they look great during spring and summer, but they don’t last much longer than that. It could look a bit dull and depressive in the fall and what’s worse, to a potential buyer, it looks like you don’t care about it at all. Luckily with the right plants, you could have a year-round yard.

The choice for summer and spring is up to you and your location, while in winter and fall, you need to make due with what’s available. Colorful bark and different kinds of berries will make your yard vibrant even during winter.

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Add a shed

A shed doesn’t seem like a very extravagant addition to your backyard, but it is certainly a useful one. If you do a lot of gardening, there’s a lot of equipment you might need. Organizing and keeping this equipment clean will take more space and time that you think and that’s where a shed comes in handy.

The scale of the project depends on your needs but always go for something bigger than what you need at the moment because things could always change. It’s better to invest in high-end materials; they don’t cost that much for a shed, but you’ll be certain it’s built properly.

These small additions to your backyard could help you get a better price for your home. They are also fun little projects that could keep you occupied for a couple of weekends at least.

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