A “Family spa bathroom” is a family-sized spa bathroom with dimensions of 13.12ft x 12.14ft and an area of 159.28ft².

It includes a sauna that can accommodate up to 4 people. Spas are places that offer therapies, treatments, and relaxing activities, which is why spa bathrooms are the latest trend in turning bathrooms into relaxing environments that are ideal for a healthy lifestyle and self-care. The idea is to create a good mood and relaxation. With special lighting and a peaceful environment, as well as proper cleanliness and hygiene, it provides a luxurious, well-being, and a comfortable experience for the body.

Water therapies are used, such as pools, Jacuzzis, bathtubs with hydro-massages, showers with different faucets, jets, rain-like water, hoses, and sauna without the use of medicinal water. It also brings psychological benefits in addition to physical ones, increasing body, and mental energy, helping to combat and reduce anxiety, nerves, and stress, and achieving an energy balance and a better mood. A relaxing shower bathroom becomes the best moment of the day after a long day of work or even after a day at the pool and beach, where it is worth preparing it well to enjoy it in a spacious space with eye-catching materials and coverings and with elegant faucets in striking tones, lines, and touches and with a lot of shine. It is essential to use relaxing colors or those that influence our mood.

Greens, blues, and grays induce relaxation. Whites give luminosity, in contrast with black, also others and golds give more elegant touches.

The layout

Family spa bathroom ideas and layout
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

For these spaces, it is important to choose a paint for the bathroom that has good durability, because it will suffer from moisture and steam, Opt for eco-friendly products for walls and ceilings, in a matte finish, or a full tile covering that is not too heavy and that has very pure lines, although with some depth in areas to emphasize, such as niches in walls that focus on some pieces.

The color white helps the space look larger and cleaner, with tiles and countertops, and sanitary ware. Technology also plays an important role, in terms of faucet sets, with specialized systems and intelligent modes, to distribute the right amount, also the temperature for the steam elements that regulate it, through hand showers or sprayers, that adjust to the desired massages and relaxation, as well as the elegance of the materials and colors.

The lighting

Natural lighting is quite important, and artificial lighting, in a complementary way creates the atmosphere, in conjunction with each aspect, of the type of shower or appliances. The installation of skylights or solar tubes on flat or sloping roofs, which redirect sunlight towards darker rooms, even blinds. Radiant floor, to heat the floor, and thus not feel so cold, especially in winter.

As for the decoration, if natural elements are included, it can give a softer and more comfortable feeling, even in a small bathroom, based on green-leaved plants, hanging or in pots. Furniture and ambiance for intimacy and relaxation with furniture, trays, benches, and accessories. The following article is a design for a family-sized Spa bathroom of model 4 housing, described in the first article, for a private support area for two rooms, one for guests and one for children, its spaciousness of spaces, equipment, and its sauna characterize it as a family Spa bathroom, which includes a sauna for 4 people.

Side view of the room towards the terrace

The bathroom is accessed from a private hallway of the house that connects to the rooms. The bathroom has dimensions of 13.12ft x 12.14ft and an area of 159.28ft², and a height of 9.84ft.

The sanitary ware is separated to optimize its use, with the exception of the shower and bathtub in the same space, but with a height difference of a 0.66ft step. The other particularity is that there is a sauna that is accessed from the shower, but it is divided with internal doors and a 0.66ft difference in height. The access door (2.62ft) is located in the center of the room, with a hallway (5.91ft x 5.91ft) to the left of the double wash (1.97ft x 5.91ft), and to the right a door (2.30ft) to access the W.C. area (3.28ft x 4.76ft).

Access to the sauna

At the back, the bathtub has a door to access from the shower to the left of the bathtub, and to the right of the sauna 12.14ft x 6.89ft. The walls and ceiling are white to help illuminate the space and also maintain the continuous language of the design of the house. Tiles in white hexagon patterns, white on the walls, black on the floor, and some contrasts in the wall, in shades of gray concrete. Some planes are highlighted with artificial lighting by incorporating protrusions of the planes on the wall. A very neutral palette and minimalist style are maintained.

The pieces in white, the faucets, and the metal moldings of glass doors, window frames, skylights, furniture callers, and ceiling light frames are black metal. On the washing side, it has a dimension of 5.91ft x 7.87ft, since it is accessed from this site.

The skylight

The natural lighting of this space is through a skylight in the ceiling (2.95ft x 1.64ft), 1.48ft from the sides and 2.13ft from the access wall of the W.C., and 2.13ft from the washing area. The sink furniture has a white quartz countertop with gray veins of 5.91ft x 1.97ft, with a thickness of 0.16ft, at a height of 2.95ft. On this surface is a white curved washbasin, with a continuous double black metal faucet, 5.31ft x 1.56ft, with rounded edges of 0.52ft in diameter, on the right side it has a 0.86ft flat area without depth, the rest is continuous in its depth, with 0.52ft in height.

view from Family spa bathroom

The furniture under the washbasin is a chest of drawers with 4 legs, made of light gray wood, the same color as the access doors and the W.C. room, and the moldings of the windows and doors, and baseboards.

It has storage, with three columns and 2 rows of drawers, for a total of 6, which measure 1.92ft x 0.84ft, with a design of indentations and protuberances (10 in total). It is a chest of drawers with 4 legs. The sides measure 1.84ft, including the structure that assembles the support legs, and the legs measure 1.07ft in height, and 0.16ft in base x 0.077ft. On the top 0.20ft x 0.12ft, leaving 0.94ft free.

Wall decor

On the wall on which the sink furniture rests, there are indentations and protuberances to emphasize the planes and materials, together with the artificial lighting, and make it more elegant with the room. The upper protuberances help project the light with the wall and ceiling, with LED lights, and the lower areas towards the mirror on the wall.

Therefore, the area of the upper wall is tiled in white and the support area is tiled in a hexagonal shape with a smaller size but with diverse colors in contrast and play (5.91ft x 4.27ft), to hierarchize the support area to the mirror and sink, and they are found within the wall at 0.33ft, while the top and bottom plane protrudes 0.16ft from the wall.

The washbasin wall is finally decorated with a piece that gives the washbasin double the greatest visual appeal, it is a mirror composed of a series of circles (10), arranged in three rows, three on top and bottom and four in the center, each of the mirrors measures 0.92ft in diameter and are located within another circle that measures 1.15ft in radius, moved tangentially to the figure, but they approximately measure 4.52ft x 3.16ft in total, and is located 0.33ft below and 0.66ft above the sink. The thickness of the golden metal of the mirror is 0.04ft. It is the piece of greatest visual contrast and luxury within the design. The artificial lighting point on the ceiling.

washing area
Sectional view from the bottom of the bathroom towards the access

On the other side of the room, at the back of the bathroom, we have the sauna, shower, and bathtub arranged in a linear fashion from left to right, in order to save circulation space, but with differences in height to order the use of the spaces.

Sauna section

The sauna, which can accommodate 4 people (3.94ft x 6.89ft), is isolated from the sink side, but here it has contact through its metal and glass doors, which open towards the center. The benches measure 1.48ft x 3.61ft, with a height of 1.31ft and a backrest of 1.48ft in height. The whole area is lined with 0.49ft wide wooden slats, while a central strip, the floor, and the benches have a clear wood with another finish, and with slats of different widths, with a very soft contrast, and strengthened with linear LED lamps from the ceiling and walls, as well as on the seats.

The shower in the center with 3.94ftm x 6.89ft, from the center with the access area to this space, has a 0.33ft drop, while on either side with the bathtub and sauna, there is a 0.66ft drop, allowing for a change in space to be seen. The floor is a tile with different shades of grey and textures.


On the right, we have the bathtub area of 3.94ft x 6.89ft with an asymmetrical white bathtub of 5.58f x 2.95ft, 1.97ft high, and one higher side of 2.95ft. At the back, the wall has the same treatment as the sink wall, with indents and projections on the wall, with the difference being two planes on the hexagonal tile wall in black. In the center, two projecting planes 0.16ft above the wall 0.16ft, the upper one 3.94ft x 3.28ft, and the lower one 3.28ft x 2.62ft. Between these two is the bottom of a 0.33ft deep niche, 3.94 ft x 2.30ft with hexagons in various colors like the sink, accentuated with LED lights, downwards and upwards.

Three 0.66ft x 0.66ft lamps for ceiling lighting, the two on the shower and bathtub side are black, and the one in the sauna is covered in white wood.

Family spa bathroom ideas with tub
full bathroom view

On the left side of the room, we have the WC, which measures 5.91ft by 3.94ft, and on the right side, we have the sauna, which measures 6.89ft by 3.94ft. These two spaces are reserved for exclusive use.

The WC is a completely private room, with three walls and a white-finished ceiling. There is a wall at the back of the toilet area with gray tiles similar to the ones on the shower wall and floor, with the same protrusions and indentations that have been applied to the other back pieces to highlight and accentuate the design in white LED light towards the storage niche and ceiling.

The counter where the toilet sits protrudes 0.16ft and is recessed 0.33ft inward for the niche, at a height of 3.28ft, taking up the width. The niche measures 2.30ft in height and 3.94ft in width, and the next protrusion above measures 3.28ft by 3.94ft, leaving 0.98ft free above.

Floor section

The floor maintains the same black color as the wash area.

There is natural lighting through a skylight (1.64ft by 2.95ft) at a distance of 1.48ft from the sides of the toilet and 1.15ft from the lateral sides.

The WC is a white, wall-mounted, air-type toilet, measuring 1.15ft by 2.13ft by 0.98ft in height, suspended 0.66ft above.

On the side of the shower, as seen in the next lateral view of the bathtub, upon separating from the wash area, there is a wall 5.25ft high and 3.94ft deep that holds a glass partition, and the frame of the glass door of the shower. Tiled with white hexagonal tiles, the wall, floor, and back wall create a differentiated area for the shower.

The partition on the side of the bathtub measures 3.28ft x 3.94ft, and the supporting elements are black metal. On the other side is another segment of a partition measuring 3.94ft, with a door and a fixed section to the wall between the sauna area and the bathroom. The swinging door measures 2.52ft and the fixed section measures 1.42ft.

WC area
Cutaway view of the bathtub towards the sauna and the WC
Front sectional view of the shower


At the back of the bathtub and sauna, there are two windows that are 5.25ft high and measure 2.62ft x 3.28ft in contrast. Their moldings, divided into 3 levels, the two lower ones 0.66ft and the largest 0.98ft with black metal frames, are maintained.

The shower area with two planes 3.28ft high, with a width of 3.94ft, which protrude 0.16ft from the wall and retreat in the center 0.33ft to form a background niche to put the cleaning items and where the shower keys are adjusted, measures 2.30ft in height with the edge-to-edge width. There is a free height of 1.31f above it, highlighted in the same way as the other points of the sanitary ware with the led.

The shower faucet is 8.20ft high, from the floor of the shower.

The doors at the back of the sauna measure 6.73ft x 8.20ft and are aligned with the lines of the shower plane at 8.53ft. And they leave a threshold above 1.31ft.

shower section

The sauna doors have two fixed doors that take up 1.80ft with their frame on the sides and two doors in the middle that opens inwardly at 1.51ft. With a frame of 0.09ft and three divisions in its height of 2.62ft, of the glass modules.

From the shower, the continuity of the spaces with the glass doors and the cleanliness of the chosen colors of the design can be seen.

front cut of sauna

Last comments

Saunas should have fewer elements to distract, as they are places of relaxation, but this does not mean they cannot be elegant, with their materials, or in a classic style, with the use of colors and finishes.

In the center, a 2.30ft stripe with wood in another finish, color tone, and composition gives a more elegant touch, and with the appropriate touches of light, the lower side measures 1.00m in height, the niche recedes 0.33ft from the wall and rises 1.31ft, remaining above 4.59ft, and at the highest point near the ceiling another hole of 0.33ft to illuminate it.

This space could also be used without the light from the ceiling, leaving the light from the furniture and walls to give a more intimate and warm feeling of rest.

The sauna, along with the bathtubs, is ideal for this cold winter time, or after meetings, and also after a busy work schedule.

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