With the holidays come visitors – lots of visitors. If you’re throwing holiday dinner at your home and looking to impress, but don’t have the time to commit to a full renovation, here are four easy home improvements that will up the wow factor of your home before you cook your Thanksgiving turkey.  

1. Quick kitchen updates  

Kitchens are where most of the action happens at this time of year. These tips can make it look like you remodeled your kitchen, but with about 10 percent of the effort. Refurbishing your cabinets can breathe new life into your entire cooking space. Simply clean and sand your existing cabinets, and then paint or stain them a new color.

Another way to reinvigorate your kitchen is to install a new, more interesting backsplash. Beadboard backsplashes add a traditional, yet modern look, and are very easy to install and clean. Alternatively, glass tiles come in many beautiful shades and add a touch of glamour to any design. Tiling doesn’t require a professional like you might think – you can get peel-and-stick versions of most backsplash materials.

2. Install cork flooring

Cork is very on trend at the moment. Eco-friendly and easier to install than traditional hardwood, most companies make interlocking panels that snap together without glue or nails and they can be placed over your existing flooring – meaning that you can give your home a whole new look in a single afternoon.

Added bonus: Cork is warmer and softer than traditional hardwood, so it will up the cozy factor of your home just in time for the colder months.

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3. Warm up your welcome area

Nothing says “welcome” quite like a well-kept entry. Increase the curb appeal of your home by refinishing or painting your front door. New hardware and a few potted plants can go a long way toward making your guests feel at home before they even step inside.

4. Break the mold

Consider adding crown molding to enhance the finish of your rooms. Traditionally, crown molding was a pain to install because you had to get the measurements and angles just right. But now there are premade moldings available, like Trimroc by Canamould Extrusions, that are made of a lightweight foam. They cut easily and can be installed with no joint compound.

And molding doesn’t have to be limited to the ceiling. You can increase the architectural interest of any wall in your home by adding geometric shapes that complement your home’s existing structure. Visually interesting molding will have your guests asking for the name of your contractor.

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