A garden window is like a greenhouse built into a window. These windows are designed to help you display indoor potted plants and other decorative items, giving the inside of your home a little bit of the feel of the outdoors. 

Garden windows are often found just above kitchen sinks and are similar in design to bay windows. It is not uncommon to find kitchen garden windows, or greenhouse windows, as they are also called, featuring a small herb garden. They’re called greenhouse windows because they’re like miniature greenhouses with shelf space built into window frames that extend out from the home towards the outdoors, where the plants get ample sunlight and fresh air.

If replacing windows is a part of your next home improvement project, garden windows may be just what your kitchen needs. In this short read, we’re going to take you through what installing a garden window costs and what the factors that affect that cost are.

The average cost of garden windows

Garden windows are mostly made out of one of three materials: wood, vinyl, and aluminum. The average cost of one of these is pegged at around $2,550. However, let’s break down these costs and see what factors affect the final cost of installing garden windows.

Factors that affect the cost of your garden window

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Here are some of the main factors that affect garden window prices.

Window size

Most window brands offer garden windows in standard sizes. But smaller garden windows are bound to cost less than the larger ones. 

Choice of material

What your garden window frame is made out of will also affect the overall price of the windows. For example, a simple vinyl garden window will cost you substantially less than an ornate wood frame will. 


Greenhouse windows that can be opened and closed will cost you less than fixed windows will.

Type of glass

The type of glass you choose for your garden windows will also affect the overall cost. For example, energy-efficient and ecologically friendly window panes with Energy Star ratings will cost more than regular windows will. 

If you live in an area that experiences frequent storms, you may need to invest in impact-resistant glass. This will, once again, cost more than regular panes will. 


While you will mostly not need a permit to replace an existing window with a garden window frame, you will definitely need to spend around $200 on permits and inspection if you need to make a new window opening and other structural changes to fit the window.

Garden window installation costs

Expect professional installation to add between $500 and $1,000 to the overall project cost. Of course, if you are handy with tools, you could install the window by yourself.

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Cost of garden windows by material

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Let’s now break down the cost of different types of windows according to material, so you know what to expect when you go window shopping.

Wood garden windows

Whether you’re looking at wooden flooring or garden windows, you know you will need to pay a premium for the material. It is no surprise that wood garden windows are the most expensive, costing between $2,600 and $4,000. 

Vinyl garden windows

Vinyl garden windows are the most sought after because the material is durable, low maintenance, and at an average cost of between $1,900 and $3,000, is more affordable than wood.

Aluminum garden windows

Aluminum garden windows cost between $1,400 and $2,600 on average. However, because the metal is not a great insulator, we’d advise you to buy these only if you live in an area with a mild climate all year round.

Why garden windows are a great choice

Whether you are building a new house or in the market looking at replacement windows for your kitchen, there are multiple reasons why garden windows are a great choice for every home.

Great natural lighting

Because the top and side panels of garden windows are made out of glass, they allow plenty of much-needed natural light into your home.

They look good

With all the potted plants and decorative knick-knacks, garden windows add to the beauty of any room.

Great for ventilation

Garden windows with operable size panels are a boon since they allow for plenty of cross ventilation.

Great for indoor plants

Greenhouse windows trap sunlight and the warmth of the sunlight by not letting the air inside escape to the outdoors. This creates the perfect environment for indoor plants to thrive. 

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