Guest bathroom, support for parties, and pool. Various dimension. Area 56.54ft² with double sink and shower.

Bathrooms are the rooms we use most frequently throughout the day in a house, generally by several users. When we talk about a home that has a large area for gatherings and that is support for a patio with a pool and other recreational areas, the weight on this is even greater. That is why it should be special and functional.

The vanity or guest bathroom is generally located near the entrance of a home or near the social area, and consists of a toilet and sink, sometimes it has a shower when it is support for the secondary rooms. Most of these spaces are small and basic, currently, designs of guest bathrooms are sought to have a very creative organization and decoration, that are attractive, provide comfort, and warmth, and give them a unique or own image.

guest bathroom floor plans
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

Regardless of the design trend, currently, bathrooms with clean lines and simple formats with great storage prevail, which fulfill strict functionality and personal hygiene, without forgetting the important role that all the items we incorporate for decoration have.

How to focus the design

You can add other resources with great design, such as mirrors, hardware, faucets, wallpaper, or tiles that catch the eye, and offer a unique image with colors, and high contrasts, where greater versatility with creativity is achieved.

Regardless of what has been previously stated, simplicity is the first thing that provides more possibilities and more acceptance in most users, without extravagant or overly loaded decorations, where the reference of inspiration is simplicity and functionality.

With a pool and a patio for gatherings, it is necessary to have a nearby support bathroom, which does not involve the private areas of the home, and in these cases, especially if the bathroom is located outside, or near the pool, it is a way to shorten distances, it also helps keep the interior of the home more organized and clean. Additionally, it would be very good to place a shower in this bathroom for those who want to clean themselves before and after entering the water. By having a bathroom near social activities, terraces, patios, or pools, comfort is gained and disorder and chaos are avoided, especially if you are used to inviting many friends to gatherings.

What about materials?

As for the materials, tiles or stones are always what will stand out most in the aesthetic, and give it the soberest or most colorful style, through patterns, colors and contrasts. The dynamics of its placement will already serve for the strategies and accentuate with elements or pieces that generate a focal point.

It is also important the contribution to natural light, together with the use of color, to increase warmth and cleanliness in the spaces, with large windows, and skylights that have a view. White is one of the most used with subtle contrasts but increases the amount of light.

Black colors, gray scales, or neutral colors, with warm tones of wood, act together with the metals in silver, gold, and others giving more elegance and an avant-garde language.

The double sink helps create multiple uses, with simple and basic furniture with sufficient storage compartments, that are also within reach, for guests, as well as divisions for a toilet room.

With the incorporation of natural elements, an extra touch can be added, indoor plants in pots, elevated shelves, areas of the sink, showers, and toilet rooms, and even a focal green wall in a shower, or bathtub. In any area, vegetation connects with the water element.

Diving into the facts

The guest bathroom in the following article corresponds to the layout of the model 4 home. It is a room with divided spaces for multiple hygiene activities, in a house designed for a high flow of people in gatherings in its open-concept social areas (living room, kitchen, dining room, play area with bar), terraces with barbecue areas, and pool area, which connect through a hallway to the internal areas and an external door to the external areas.

The dimensions are varied with two rectangles forming a flattened “L” shape with an area of 56.54ft² and a height of 9.84ft. The fixtures are separated to optimize their use.

It is accessed from the guest hallway through a sliding door (2.62ft x 7.22ft), to the access area of 4.76ft x 4.43ft where a double sink (4.43ft x 1.80ft) is located, with a free circulation of 2.95ft, to access the toilet room (2.95ft x 4.27ft) in front of the sink, with a door of (1.97ft x 7.22ft), and at the back, access to another space with a large shower of 6.23ft x 2.95ft with a double showerhead.

Walls and ceiling

The walls and ceiling are white to help illuminate the space and maintain the continuous design language throughout the home.

Metro-type tiles arranged in a brick pattern (running bond) on all walls where the shower and fixtures are located, with an opening in a niche for the contrast of some handmade tiles with pastel rectangle patterns for each wall that emphasizes each activity of the fixtures, with blue (sink), turquoise (toilet), and pink (shower).

Some planes are highlighted with artificial lighting by incorporating projections of the planes on the wall, handled with the metro pattern type, above and below.

A very neutral and minimalist style palette is maintained. The pieces in white color, the faucets, and the metal moldings of glass doors, window frames, skylights, furniture callers, and ceiling light frames, in black metal.

The lighting

Front cut view from the bathroom access side
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

Artificial ceiling lights on either side of the square skylight in the shower, LED type (0.66ft x 0.66ft), centralized in the sink area.

Linear lights highlight the wall niches with the colored tiles where the fixtures are located, which give the space variation of color and contrast.

Heated floors for added comfort. Darker neutral or ivory tile with gray in a brick pattern (Running Bond), on a larger scale than the wall, ideal for keeping the bathroom well-lit.

Elevated plant pot in the toilet area.

The wood of the moldings, frames, doors, and baseboards appears in a neutral gray.

 Perspective view of the sink and shower
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

Sink area

Sink area
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

The sink vanity (4.42ft x 1.80ft) has a concrete countertop, with the two sink holes (1.71ft x 1.16ft, with a depth of 0.165ft) recessed with white quartz with an external height of 0.37ft, then the perimeter of 0.06ft is retracted for the black metal supports to make their orthogonal structure (0.08ft thick), in front of which two legs of 2.03ft in height, which are anchored to the wall, with an open parallelepiped base (4.34ft in front x 0.52ft in height and 1.74ft deep).

Below it has an open grooved wood shelf for putting the towels and storage at hand, in an opening of 1.55ft below the structure under the sink. Below is an open area of 0.36ft for the opening that the feet pass through.


Modern black metal faucet with a height of 0.58ft and a thickness of 0.15ft, and a water outlet of 0.49ft with 0.08ft.

Round mirror with a total diameter of 3.35ft, with a central area of 1.50ft in diameter, the rest made up of concentric elements in black metal with a thickness of 0.06ft.

On the wall where the mirror and washbasin are located, there are recessed areas in the form of niches to focus on each space of the bathroom fixtures and the color contrasts of the colored tiles versus the white ones, along with artificial lighting to make them stand out.

Inside the niche, light is projected onto the wall, mirror, and sink with LED lights. The lower wall has a height of 2.79ft at the height of the sink with white tile in a brick pattern (running bond), and then comes the niche of 3.61ft in height with turquoise-colored square tiles with a depth of 0.16ft and the rest is a white tile that goes up to the ceiling (3.28ft).

The artificial lighting point for this area is 1.96ft from the entrance wall, and 2.05ft from the sink wall and the toilet room. It is a black metal lamp with a base of 0.66ft x 0.66ft and a lamp of 0.46ft x 0.46ft, which is repeated in other areas on the ceiling.

Other measurements

 Side sectional view of the W.C.
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

The bathroom room measures 2.95ft x 4.27ft, and its access door measures 1.97ft. On the side of the bathroom is a private room of 2.95ft x 4.27ft, with an access door of 1.97ft. Three of its walls and the ceiling are finished in white, while the wall behind the toilet, like in the other area of the bathroom, has brick pattern metro tiles that occupy the bottom 3.31ft of height, then it recedes with a niche of 0.66ft, covered with square tile with a green rectangle pattern that measures 3.53ft in height and the rest 3.04ft continues, then it returns 0.33ft to the front and with white tile.

To illuminate and enhance the design, in white LED light, towards the niche. The floor is maintained throughout the bathroom.

Natural lighting by skylight (1.64ft x 1.97ft) at a distance of 0.66ft from the lateral walls to the room, and 1.15ft from the front and rear walls. The toilet is white, built-in to the wall, 1.17ft x 1.97ft x 1.31ft in height. The hanging indoor plant in a pot on the side of the access wall is located between 7.55ft and 8.53ft in height, and 0.66ft from the door.

Shower section

 Section of the access area and shower
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

On the side of the access, it can be observed that there is space for each division, even though it is a small bathroom in square meters, and the continuity of materials can be seen, the entry of light as it expands through the white and neutrality of colors, highlighting the tile of the background shower, with a difference in height of 0.33ft. In the shower, we have three planes with white brick pattern metro tiles, where the two shorter sides of 2.95ft are located two shower valves, to be used by the users of the pool that is located outside. The tile goes from floor to ceiling on these sides.

On the back wall, we have a niche that is recessed 0.33ft from the wall, which has square tile with a rectangular pattern of pink color. Above it measures 3.28ft in height, the middle of the niche measures 3.62ft in height, and the bottom of the sill measures 3.28ft, while the length of the shower is 6.23ft.

Shower section lights

 Side section view W.C. and Sauna
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez
W.C area

It is illuminated with LED lights on top and bottom in the niche, as well as in the toilet area, highlighting the wall. Two ceiling lights of 0.66ft x 0.66ft, at a distance of 0.49ft from the skylight (2.62ft x 1.64ft) and from the side walls 0.49ft.

Two walls on the side of the partition wall, and the glass door of the shower, the first one of 1.97ft in width x 5.25ft in height. On the other side, the wall that protrudes from the bathroom room of 1.31ft in width from floor to ceiling. It can be seen from the shower how the continuity of spaces is observed with the glass doors and the cleanliness due to the chosen colors of the design.

The glass partition, with the door, with black metal frames and supports for the shower, measures on the side of the section to the side of the sink 1.97ft x 3.28ft, and on the side of the hinged door 2.78ft x 8.53ft. The shower valve is located 8.20ft in height, from the floor of this. The knobs are located 4.10ft in height from the floor.

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