When we launched Kukun as a marketplace for all things related to renovations, we had a vision that anyone thinking about home remodeling would have a place where they could find answers to all their questions and all the resources they need in one place. That was four years ago, and we have learned a lot along the way. I am excited to share some of my knowledge so that you can see the benefits of joining Kukun.

My aim was, is and will always be “to stimulate our economy and remodel every home, one brick at a time.” During our first year, we did a lot of market research about why people have such a bad image of home remodeling. Sure, some of the reasons are easy to guess, but we needed to know in a more scientific way. The answer comes down to two key elements:

  • I don’t know where to start. It all seems so complex and opaque. I don’t know where I’ll end up and that’s scary. (We nicknamed this “renophobia.”)
  • I don’t understand how construction works and I don’t want to be taken for a ride.  

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In the latter part of 2014, we started to develop the solutions. When it came to understanding how people hire the right professionals, we conducted more intense market research. After six months, we learned the obvious (sometimes you need to do these things to confirm the obvious), which is that, when asked about how they hire a contractor, over 82% of those polled said that they almost always hire through a word-of-mouth recommendation or referral from someone they trust in their circle of friends and family.

One thing many people want to know was where a potential contractor has previously worked. We also asked another important question: would you consider your neighbors to be part of your circle and would you trust their opinion on the contractors they’ve worked with? The answer was a resounding yes.  

We developed our “Find a Pro” feature to leverage that concept. When a Kukun user searches for a contractor, they see a map indicating the nearest homes to theirs that were remodeled. They can see which neighbor did what and which contractor they worked with. Then they can check out the profile of any particular contractor they desire. At that point, the customer can just walk to their neighbors’ place to ask them about their experience with that contractor. So the homeowner now knows where you worked and what their neighbors thought of your work. They can also find more detailed information about you, such as your licenses and every home you’ve worked on.   

You might already be in our directory. Over time, we have collected all the permit data across the US. We then build a profile for you based on all your permits. And you can claim your profile and add more information to build a richer profile that stands out.

What does this mean to you? It’s simple: if you want to get free leads from homeowners, they want to know where you’ve worked. And we show you on their map, positioned exactly on every home you’ve remodeled.  

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We invite you to join Kukun and be seen in every neighborhood.  



Reasons to Join Kukun:

  • Our aim is to create more opportunities for homeowners to remodel their homes and for you to get more work. I can see your suspicion barometer blowing a gasket as you read this, wondering, “What does Kukun get out of giving me a free profile and leads?” I don’t blame you for that, because that is how the market has treated you so far. The answer is straightforward: if more homeowners choose to remodel and you get to take on more remodeling projects, you will create more business for lenders, retailers, etc. Our opportunities are from advertising and leads for lenders.
  • We don’t believe in creating leads and then selling them to you. There are many companies out there that just do that, but we don’t have any desire to compete with them and it’s just not our style. We believe that those kinds of tactics do nothing to liberate the market or create more remodeling projects, which is what we are after.
  • Rest assured, you are not going to be charged for leads. When a homeowner clicks “Contact me” on your profile, you will get a direct message. We don’t interfere or mediate. It is all yours.  
  • We also partner with key lenders and real estate companies in the market, and that is going to help you to be visible to folks who have applied for loans and those who have just bought a home and want to remodel it.

Kukun wants you to know that we are a fair marketplace. We want homeowners to do more and for you to do more – to remodel America and get the nation over its renophobia

It is easy to join. Just go to Join as a Pro.

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