Tiles have been in trend for kitchen since Medieval European Architecture. The kitchen is a place where work generally involves a constant use of water. Consequently, there are high chances of the floor getting wet. While this in itself is not too great of a problem in talking of tile flooring; any other type of flooring like wood, laminate, hardwood or vinyl tends to receive damage in the future. At the same time there are various tile options which are beneficial for health like ceramic tiles which have no volatile organic compounds, no allergens, and at the same time no formaldehyde.

Advantages of using tiles in the kitchen

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The use of tiles as a flooring option for the kitchen has many other advantages. Because of this is a natural option for kitchen flooring. There are a huge amount of advantages of using tile as a flooring option, such as:

  • Long lasting: The kitchen floor suffers a lot of wear and tear. Hence, it might need a replace every now and then. The use of kitchen floor tiles reduces this need because they are extremely durable and thus quite long-lasting.
  • Varied options: The kitchen is the place wherein people with a passion for food tend to spend a considerable amount of time. In fact sometimes the kitchen also serves as the dining area. Thus, it too needs to have a well-decorated ambience. this can be easily achieved with the use of tiles which come in a variety of options with regards to its design, color, type, etc.
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  • Healthy: Tiles are generally made by firing them to very high temperatures in kilns. This process eliminates the presence of volatile and harmful organic compounds, the presence of which tends to spoil the quality of the room. This further aggravates the situation by causing an amount of health related problems. But the use of tiles completely eliminates any cause of concern in terms of health.
  • Easy maintenance: Tiles when sealed properly have the ability to withstand spills, especially water spills without causing any damage to the underlying layer. In fact they are also stain resistant and we can clean any stains or spills with the help of a little soap and some water.

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While life becomes quite easy after installing the tiles in the kitchen, the process of buying them can be quite tedious. In fact the selection of tile to perfectly sink in with the requirements and décor of the kitchen generally depends on certain factors to take into consideration.

Things to consider when buying tiles for the kitchen

Designing a new kitchen or updating the old one, selecting tiles is a very important part of it. Wrong tile picking will automatically cause a lot of frustration and cost-overruns. We must keep many things in mind while buying tile. As the chosen tile for one application might not suit another, you might want to buy it after taking the following five factors into consideration:

  • Place of Installation: It is important to determine the place where to install the tiles before selecting them. It can be backsplash or behind stove.
  • Type of tile: There are many different types of tiles available like glazed, ceramic, porcelain, etc. It depends on the materials used for manufacturing it. When the need is for the kitchen the tile should be such that:
    • Has a non-slip surface in it.
    • It Is long-lasting and durable.
    • Is at the same time chemical resistant.
    • Has a low amount of porosity.

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Taking the above points into consideration, we can safely say that porcelain tiles offer the best alternative for the kitchen. These tiles are generally glazed to make them slip resistant. It is also very durable and has a low amount of porosity, thus making it easy to clean and odor resistant.

Natural stone also offers a very good organic alternative.

Color and texture

  • Color: The use of warm, earthy colors makes for a welcoming, inviting and comfortable kitchen. On the other hand, the use of white-tone colors makes the kitchen look clean, airy, spacious and iluminated. The use of dark colors is also useful in the kitchen since it is a prone workplace to stains. As dark colors have a way of hiding them.
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  • Texture: The texture of the tiles plays a very important role in the daily use of the kitchen. High-gloss tiles tend to be slippery and prone. This can make people fall especially if the kitchen has a tendency of holding on to moisture by remaining steamy. Hence, tiles with a matte finish or those with textures are generally better to ones which are high-gloss.

Practically speaking it is very important to choose the right tile for the kitchen. This helps to transform it both decoratively as well as functionally.  Hence, it is important to spend time selecting the perfect tiles to get the best outcome out of it.

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