We bring these outdoor kitchen designs that are very practical to complement patios and outdoor space areas in homes. As they can be used and enjoyed throughout the year. They offer the possibility to eat and enjoy meetings with those close to the users, in entertainment spaces where to appreciate the natural environment of a garden, swimming pool, or other uses. Even in some cases that count with equipment that makes them independent, without having to enter inside the house for absolutely nothing.


Generally, they usually have a roof or construction that protects them, open on one side or several sides of the enclosure, but in some cases, they may be a little exposed to the weather. It is important that the rain affects them as little as possible so that the equipment and furnishings are not damaged, some can be closed with a blind when not in use, giving them the best possible use.

In the case of the last mentioned, as they are of small size and little protected they are made with furniture that withstand the weather very well, have only a small space for food preparation, with materials treated for outdoor use, natural stone for countertops is better than wood because it does not require much treatment, but in these cases can be a more rustic style and less elegant, but quite functional and resistant.

On the other hand, some are located on a porch, or covered porch that may include a dining room but are considered outdoor kitchens, because they are still outside the internal area of the house, although they have more visual or limiting enclosures with the courtyard. The greatest advantage is to enjoy the outdoors, even in the rain.

Terrace floor with outdoor kitchen
Terrace floor with outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchen designs

In the case of this outdoor kitchen design, is very close to an open concept, as an extension of the indoor kitchen, dining room, or internal rooms, it is important in the design, to maintain a language of style and materials that match, especially when using folding doors, double or panoramic windows, where the spaces are immediately related, either because there are no physical or visual barriers.

Currently, some large buildings can be planned to have more independent living areas within the same property, so that they have more privacy and are isolated from noise and chaos inside the house, and also for celebrations.


They consist of a covered kitchen, in which is located a barbecue, ovens, and stoves, an island, large dining area, you can even have a guest bathroom, or shower and dressing room, in the case of having a pool nearby, and have more comfort, and avoid the chaos of dirtying the house, especially in summer and vacation seasons, which may be used more frequently and volume of people.

The outdoor kitchen design idea in a space is essential in some homes, where the union of the patio, garden, or terrace is needed, to enjoy good homemade food, in the company of family and friends, especially on special occasions and times.

The most modern or minimalist style outdoor kitchen design area seeks simplicity, use of white walls, with touches of natural materials such as wood with high strength or treated, and a strong focus on lighting, natural and artificial. For decoration, touches of color are integrated in the complements of objects and textiles, and with plants.

Porch lateral view
View from the porch on the right, towards the external kitchen.

Covered terrace with outdoor kitchen area

It is located between the backyard and the left side of the plot, is roofed by an upper floor, with an elevated terrace, open to the sides and connecting, with an open patio and furniture and pergolas, and on the other side the pool area. From the upper floor access to the house and from the lower floor to the backyard.

It includes a terrace with a linear kitchen, an island, a large dining room, and an entertainment area with T.V., open concept, and modern style. Dimensions 29.86ft x 32.81ft. Area 979.52ft². Height 8.53ft.

The linear kitchen located on the back wall, anteroom to the backyard, measures 29.86ft.

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Materials and color palette

Materials and color palettes of white, black, and red, with a mix of minimalist and industrial-style furniture. Walls on the sides, and the ceiling with smooth finishes and white paint, except in the center.

Wood kitchen cabinets in scarlet tonewood, with gold callers, gray marble countertops and backsplash in a medium tone, and white veins. The equipment of 5 ovens and 8 stoves, and the extractor hood in black metal with golden details. Two side chests of drawers in black wood, with a countertop with a top of the same marble.


The black wooden chests of drawers to be used as storage for extra kitchen activities measure 6.56ft x 1.48ft, with two heights. The taller side (3.08ft), corresponds to the marble top (4.81ft long) with a thickness of 0.23ft, supported by a board in a vertical position, and a circular silver metal tube (0.18ft thick) and 0.46ft high, which leaves an open space visible vertically 1.15ft wide, up to the storage side of three doors, which is the lower height (5.25ft long x 2.40ft high). The doors are 1.65ft x 1.61ft, each.

Island and countertop of the kitchen design
View from the left side patio, towards the island, the dining room, and the entertainment area

On top of each of these cabinets, there are some squares (2.62ft x 2.62ft) of wooden profiles, with a triangle shape, diagonal lines, and vertical lines, at 1.51ft from the top of the kitchen.

The kitchen next to the cabinets has a length of 16.73ft, between the side dressers.

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It is divided into two double-door cabinet modules 4.04ft long, with a top-level 1.15ft wide and 3.45ft high, including the 0.33ft high dust cover and with a 0.16ft recess from the front. The doors are 2.0ft wide. With 1.35ft high knockers to give it a modern touch with the elongated and slim shape, with a diagonal “L” shaped profile.

The lower cabinets measure 3.09ft high, to the top of the countertop, which measures 0.23ft thick, and a base of 2.13ft, and overhangs 0.16ft from the doors. On a base of 0.46ft retracted 0.16ft, so as not to hit the feet.

The wall space between the dash cabinets is 1.97ft high. And in the center, it expands to the ceiling, to give continuity to the wall and countertop, so it looks much more unified and elegant. It gives a simpler and more modern minimalist look, using the same stone in the wall and countertop, as if it were one piece, just like the waterfall effect of the islands.

Supporting furniture for outdoor
Front view of the kitchen, and supporting furniture

After the second module of cabinets, we find a cabinet with more depth (2.38ft), located on the right. It is divided in two vertically, and there is the pantry on top (4.69ft), and the refrigerator recessed so that it is not so visible (2.83ft), at the bottom.

Elements and utensils for outdoor kitchen designs

The kitchen is 5.91ft long, divided into two modules, with 3.88ft x 3.09ft high, for the stove side with 8 burners, and two ovens of variable dimension. The higher left side is 5.26ft high and has three variable size ovens. The idea is to have a more complete kitchen to make roasts, roasts, and different types of ovens and stoves, and a more diverse menu.


Above the stove at 0.66ft in height, the hood is located centrally, which measures 3.82ft long x 1.64ft deep at the bottom, and a height of 0.43ft straight area, and then from there, it is reduced in a curved shape to the top remaining at 2.30ft long x 0.98ft deep. The total height is 2.62ft.


The Island, which is big, measures 14.03ft x 4.10ft and has a height of 3.08ft, located 4.92ft from the kitchen, with a double waterfall countertop (0.21ft thick), which falls on both sides, having one side open to integrating a table with 6 seats, and on the other side a cabinet with storage and equipment.

On the right side the opening measures (6.37ft long x 2.87ft high), with a capacity for 3 seats on both sides (6 total).

On the left side, the cabinet is modular in 2 sets of double drawers (4 columns), each 1.49ft wide, located towards the dining area, and divided into three levels. The top one is 0.51 ft. high, and the other two are 0.92 ft. high. It measures 7.48ft long.

Towards the front of the kitchen, it is already divided into 3 spaces, and in 2 levels, with drawers towards the sides (1.87ft wide and 0.50ft high), while the lower one has doors (1.89ft high). In the middle, is a closed area, to embed the laundry (1.97ft x 1.48ft), and under these double doors of 1.46ft wide each.

The materials of the kitchen are maintained, with the sink in black, and hardware, faucets, and cabinet callers in gold metal, to highlight the elegance.

Lateral view of the outdoor kitchen designs from the terrace
Side view of the complete terrace.


Six Bertoia stool chairs, mid-century modern style. The black chrome-plated steel wire frame, with the lattice-shaped backrest of molded metal, is accompanied by a removable and interchangeable synthetic leather seat cushion in gray. The base of the legs has plastic floor protectors to prevent the floor from scratching or the counter stool from sliding freely.

Dimensions 1.61ft wide x 1.48ft deep, 2.14ft high to seat, and 3.28ft to back.

Dining room

In front of the island at a distance of 4.92ft, we find a dining table (11.81ft x 3.94ft, with a height of 2.46ft), with a capacity for 10 people, made of wood with a wooden base in planks, of various light tones, with a thickness of 0.13ft, on cylindrical black metal supports (0.05ft in diameter and 0.11ft high), on a rectangular base of wood painted dark brown (0.26ft high x 0.11ft thick), which functions as a support for 6 legs. 05ft in diameter and 0.11ft high), on a rectangular wooden base, painted dark brown (0.26ft high x 0.11ft thick), which functions as a support with 6 legs to hold the length of the table (0.11ft x 0.11ft, and 1.95ft high).

The SJWA Nordic style dining chairs, wood frame with the same tone as the table, measures 1.90ft wide x 1.57ft deep x 1.64ft to the seat, and 2.48ft to the back. With an upholstered seat in a red wine-colored fabric.

Social Area

At the back towards the wall of access to the house, at the end of this environment, is located an entertainment area with an 85-inch TV, on a base that can move the TV to the pool area, in front of the kitchen, or to the side patio that is next to this modern outdoor kitchen, even be carried the table or chairs to enjoy any sporting or musical event with the audiovisual equipment, with 8.20ft apart from the area where the dining area is.

Under the T.V. we find a plank table (similar to the dining area), with two levels of 6.61ft of something x 1.29ftm wide and 1.52ft high, ironwork and circular feet (6), black metal, and a base connected in the form of “T”. With a modern but rustic look, for the patio look.


Natural lighting, given by both sides without enclosure.

The artificial lighting by 9 lamps located in the ceiling of circular bell-shaped with a diameter of 0.21ft x 0.26ft in height, in the metal of metal in black color. They are placed three by three at a distance of 11.52ft in length, and 9.34ft in width.

Also, two groups of lamps, also of 3, located above the dining area and the island, modern industrial style black, gold interior with 1.35ft in diameter, and 1.08ft in height, hanging type with 3 wires suspended, each, for stability, at 2.11ft in height, separated at 2.33ft apart. The distance between the next lamp in the same group is 4.36ft.

In this outdoor kitchen idea, linear LED lights under the upper cabinets, to illuminate the work areas of the countertop, and two bulbs integrated into the hood towards the kitchen stove and the cook space. All LED lights are white.

Ornamental plants in outdoor kitchen designs

Decoration with indoor plants, which do not need direct sunlight in pots of various materials, brick, with red color and with a design of elements on the side tables of the kitchen. Another central one of a more rustic type in stacked stone on the dining table, and a plastic and ceramic one in the entertainment area, on the floor or table, only as a complement to the furniture, since the patio scenery in the green areas, creates the essential atmosphere of the terrace area.

This is a boho and stylish outdoor kitchen design from us for you. Just contact us for more information about materials and construction services.

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