Every part of your house matters, from your storage room, living room, bedroom, and even kitchen. For most people, the kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home. They do not only want them to look firm, but it should also match the entire house’s interior.

The kitchen may have different parts, but one of the most noticeable among them as soon as you walk into it is the storage cabinets. When it comes to choosing them, most people are looking for a particular characteristic. That being said, this article will cite some of them.

Qualities of an excellent kitchen cabinet

kitchen cabinet quality

1. Pre-/ready to assemble

One of the first things some people look for when buying is ready to assemble cabinets. It is considered to be the best solution for every homeowner who prefers to have a mid-range kitchen cabinet that is durable, customizable, and cost-effective. The quality, flexibility, and low cost of ready to assemble cabinets make it easier for any kitchen remodeling.

RTA cabinets are mostly produced in bulk, hence the cheaper cost and price in the market. Despite their price, they are more flexible than the pre-made ones. These types of cabinets can be purchased in different styles and configurations, and then they are assembled to come up with a more flexible and customized kitchen cabinet.

Aside from its lower price, the turnaround time for RTA cabinets is short with fast delivery. Unlike the custom-made cabinets that need a long time to design, RTAs can be delivered quicker since most of the materials required are readily available at the shop.

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2. All-plywood construction

Cabinet boxes are commonly built out of particleboard and plywood. The most sturdy cabinets have full plywood back and sides to keep them squared during installation and delivery. Particleboard can be a cheaper alternative. However, it could be more vulnerable to crushing and moisture that may lead to damage. Therefore, you may want to take extra care with this material.

Compared to particleboard, all-plywood construction has better holding power with fasteners, screws, and glue. Plywood is created from wood; hence it is strong. It also has better moisture tolerance, which is an important characteristic to contemplate around areas with faucets, running water, and sink.

3. Industry certification and lifetime warranty

Although a warranty may not tell a lot about the quality of a cabinet, it will definitely give you an idea about how far its manufacturer can stand behind its product. If they are willing to provide a lifetime warranty, this means that they believe in the quality of their work. If they do not, it is up to you what that means.

Cabinets with a low quality usually are starting to break down after five to ten years. By that time, the product warranties may have expired. Since kitchen cabinets are considered to be one of the most pricey items you can buy for your house, a lifetime warranty is an excellent assurance that these cabinets will be there for the entire period of your residency.

Lifetime warranties give consumers a good reason to rely on the longevity and quality of the product they bought. It is also crucial for you to thoroughly read your contract better to understand your contract’s scope and limitations.

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4. Durability

kitchen cabinets

Regardless of what type of product, durability is always a person’s primary concern. Clearly, this quality of a product offers a lot of advantages to its users. Although durable and top-quality products can always come out more expensive than those that are not, it will surely pay off in the long term.

Although not all, most of the cheaper products are less durable and are more prone to recurring damages, this means that replacement or repair expenses will also ramp up, which will make it more costly for you. Overall, it is crucial to check and gather enough information about the product when choosing the perfect kitchen cabinet for your home.

5. Modifications and customizability

Cabinets that can be customized offer more choices of styles, unique features, and sizes, custom-fit to meet the needs of your kitchen. Most homeowners find fully custom cabinets very expensive, but it usually pays off because they’ll get the chance to choose their preferred style and details. There are many choices when it comes to modifications that will allow a high level of personalization.

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The kitchen is one of the best places at home where we can be ourselves, do the things we love, and prepare our comfort food whenever we had a long day at work or in school. It is also a perfect spot for family bonding.

Baking our favorite pastries or even preparing a sumptuous dinner with the kids is an excellent idea. Therefore, you want it to be as presentable and as comfortable as possible. Upgrade your kitchen storage game with elegant colors, hardware, and finishes.

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