When it comes to designing a great room for home improvement, there are many great room ideas that you can go for. However, the most important thing to consider in this regard is to identify your exact requirements. Also, remember that there are differences between the great room and the living room. Every individual has a different set of liking and disliking. What may feel great to one, may not be too attractive for another. Thus, when it comes to designing your living room, stick to what feels right to you more than anything else. Here are some great room ideas that you can consider in this regard. 

1. The grayscale magic

You can design your great room with this grayscale theme for a unique artistic feel. This exquisite design is sure to soothe your soul after a tiring day at work. The elegant false ceiling, comfortable sofas, the dining area and the beautiful shades of gray all around make for a very special experience. The rug under the sofas helps to create a different feel for the sitting area as compared to the dining area. If you are looking to use the room for relaxation, this is the perfect design for you.

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2. The wood and white combo

What is the first feeling that comes to your mind when you look at this design? Refreshing, right? The white sofas and walls are brilliantly contrasted by the wooden flooring and other woodwork. The coffee table has shades of black and white, making it a prominent item in the entire picture. The placement of the sofas and the rug in the middle of the room creates a different feel between the living area and the dining space. If you have a large living space, this can be a great room idea for you. This is also an excellent design for houses with a lot of open spaces and an open floor plan.

3. The compact identity

compact great room

Photo by Douglas Sheppard on Unsplash CC0

This is a perfect great room design for great rooms that are not too big. This compact design is elegant without being too clumsy. The blue dining chairs have a contrasting effect with the white sofa, which faces away from the dining space. This placement creates the feel of two different rooms in a single room. The beautiful chandelier and designer fan accounts for the focal point of this design and adds up to the total look and feel of the room. 

4. The casual living

If you want to have a great room with kitchen and dining on the top floor of your house, you can consider this design. The wooden dining chairs, the brown sofas, the cream-colored walls, and wooden flooring is perfectly complemented by the elegant lights. This is a simple but interesting design that you can definitely try for your house. 

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5. The comfort zone

This is a design that is sure to give you a cozy and comfortable feel. The white, soft sofas and the black center table form a contrasting effect that is sure to make your guests go wow. This design is also perfect for L shaped family rooms. One end of the L shape can be used as the dining area, while the other end can be used as the living area. This will create the feel of two distinctly separate sections in the same room. Use a few elegant wall hangings to add to the overall look and feel of this design.

6. The bright spot

bright great room

Photo by Pxhere CC0

If you have a great room that has a sloping ceiling and gets a lot of natural light, this is the design to go for. This will also easily be one of the better great room ideas for people who like colors. The use of different colors for rags, sofas, chairs, and woodwork is intentional. This gives the entire room a very lively and bright feel. Also, different colors for different areas help to create the feel of multiple smaller rooms. If you have children at home, this is the one to go for. Click here to check the best living room color schemes

7. The heritage style

Traditional great room

This traditional room design is for individuals who love the look and feel of heritage great rooms. The sofas, the fireplace, wooden flooring, the wooden structure supporting the ceiling and the elegant wooden furniture all add up to create a unique experience. The sofas are placed right in the middle of the room. This and the two different rugs help to create small compartments all over the great room. This is a perfect great room to have if you have a taste in retro-styled living. This is a design that is liked by a lot of interior designers. Imagine celebrating a romantic evening with your partner in this dream room. Interested? Get it today!

8. The modern room

This is a typical design for a modern room that has an open concept and is perfect for individuals with kids. It is colorful, elegant and compact in design. The half-partition wall separates the dining area from the sitting area. The false ceiling and the lights are the main enhancers for the final look and feel. 

While these are some of the better great room design ideas to go for, it is up to you to make your choice. You can always use one of these ideas as the base and customize the settings to meet your exact requirements. You will also need to select the right contractors for the great room renovation project. The best thing to do in this regard is to take costing quotes from multiple credible vendors before taking the final call. 

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