A swimming pool, whether indoor or outdoor, is the ultimate space for relaxation and recreation. Who doesn’t want to swim in a clean, beautiful pool? But, keeping a pool clean requires competent care and regular maintenance. And sometimes, it’s difficult to detect a serious problem with your pool. So, when is it time to call a pool pro? 

Keep in mind that while you can do basic pool maintenance yourself, there are times when you need to call a pool expert to take care of things. Especially, if you’re buying a new house with a pool, and are clueless about how to keep it in top condition. Or, some homeowners may have small children, pets, or sensitivities and don’t want to deal with pool chemicals themselves. Detecting small pool problems early can avoid a big (read expensive) repair later.

Here are some of the most common reasons why homeowners hire a professional pool service.

Regular pool maintenance

salt water pool maintenance

It’s imperative that you keep your swimming pool clean throughout the year. This includes scrubbing, skimming, vacuuming the pool, checking filters, water levels, and the pool chemicals.

To keep your pool clean and contaminant-free, you must have it cleaned at least once a week. More often during the monsoon season when pools get dirty fast.

There are many pool equipment and cleaning products that you can buy to make your pool maintenance easier.

But, if you’re a busy homeowner, a new pool owner, or going away for a while, it’s best to leave the task to a knowledgeable pool pro or a dedicated pool maintenance service. 

On average, pool maintenance costs $180 per month during the pool-using season. The simplest pool maintenance includes skimming the water and adding balancing chemicals. But if you want to replace broken parts or prepare the pool to open for the year, it will cost you more. 

Pool repairs

Some repairs are simple enough for a homeowner to do without help. But some are complicated repairs that can easily baffle pool owners with no special tools or knowledge. The problem could be malfunctioning pool equipment such as a pump or a major electrical problem. Or, it could be a leak or a crack in the liner. Whatever the reason, it’s best to hire a pool pro who has the experience and skill to fix a pool when needed.

Pool replastering

pool replastering

If you see your pool walls stained or etched, or bare spots in the plaster, a professional will help you identify the problem and give you the solution. Your pool could either be in need of acid washing or a complete pool replastering

Pool tiling or coping

Sometimes, the pool tiles may crack – giving your pool a shabby look. At other times, the waterline could be really old and failing. Such types of replacements or pool renovations are best left to the pros with expertise.

Automation or pool lighting

If you’re looking for an upgrade in lighting, a water feature, or automation, a pool service will have the know-how and the latest technology to install features such as pool lights and hydrotherapy jets. An expert will make your pool automation smooth and quick. 

Balancing the pool water 

acid clean a pool

Balancing the chemicals in a pool requires a good amount of diligence and knowledge. Especially, after it’s gone green. Balancing such a pool can be challenging. Only a certified pool technician will be able to restore it to its optimal level. 

Last thoughts

An expert pool service or pro deals with different types of pools every day and knows how to keep a pool in tip-top condition. 

Knowing when to call a pool pro will help you have a clean and beautiful pool. And you’ll get the convenience and expertise of hiring a pool pro. Since a swimming pool is a visible part of your property, adding to its value aesthetically and monetarily, regular pool maintenance is worth the investment.

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Always, swimming pools are a nuisance, it’s better if it’s someone else’s nuisance, I prefer that it only bothers me to pay them