A house never truly feels like a home until and unless it has that distinct cozy vibe. Familiarity always comes when you design a space with things that you love, admire, or fall in like at first sight.

Home comfort may seem like a simple concept to achieve, but it’s actually pretty challenging to accomplish. It’s more than living with the bare necessities – it’s about bringing a sense of reassurance to your soul through your physical environment.

So how exactly do you make it happen? 

Here are a few ways that can help you make an instant difference:

Converge past and present

home comfort

Home comfort is intrinsically related to familiarity, and there’s nothing more intimate than what we’ve already lived through. So, emulating a little bit of the past in your present spaces is an excellent way to make your spaces feel cozy. As prettily summed up by Chicago based interior designer, Julia Buckingham:

“… your sense of style comes from any number of places – where you have been, what you love, where your passions lead you. Finding your personal aesthetic is a journey. I found that my “road” crossed at the familiar and the undiscovered; at an intersection of past and present.

Her statement is something that really resonates with the concept of home comfort, and if you need some ideas on how to actually articulate such an idea in physical spaces, then think about featuring some focal vintage furniture pieces in the most visible areas of your room. You can do the same with old-school accent light fixtures while the rest of the ambiance leans towards contemporary.

Make the best of your curtains

living room curtains

No matter how modern we get with our interior designs, there’s always an inherent sense of comfort that can only be achieved by picking the right curtains or drapes. The billowy pleats, carefully designed tops, an ode to vintage valances through modern pelmets – all of these small but impactful interventions can evoke a sense of comfort in your homes. Other than that, you can also invest in trendy curtain rods, rings, and accessories to make this particular design element as customized and impactful as possible.

Wood and other natural hues

natural hues

The ambiance is arguably the most important part of designing a space, and it’s actually the sum total of all the small things that interior design is comprised of. This includes the walls, the floor, the ceiling design, the furniture, and even the small objects and accessories that enlivens the space. 

But what actually gives the ambiance some semblance of harmony is the color and material scheme. Both of these things have an immediate impact on the psychology of space. Each hue and tint imparts a certain mood – blue for relaxation, green for healing, yellow for cheer, etc. So, if you want to make your ambiance feel the epitome of familiar and cozy, you need to select the perfect color to represent these feelings.

The best way to do that is to design with wood and other natural hues. All shades of brown have an inherently relaxing aura. Wood, itself has an organic vibe that makes a person feel cozy. Autumnal hues like rust, red, burgundy, etc. are also great options for evoking a sense of comfort and familiarity. These hues are also best for when winter is coming. For further assistance, you can search for all the tips you can use to make your homes cozy for fall.

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Fabrics and textiles matter a lot

home textiles

Home comfort can also be achieved by using the right textiles and fabrics. Each type of textile has a distinct personality of its own, and you can create a personalized mood board for your homes to make it feel as cozy as possible.

There are tons of ways that you can articulate different types of fabrics and textiles in your homes. A suede or leather sofa can imbue a sophisticated lived-in vibe within the ambiance. A shaggy or woolen throw over one of the couch arms can evoke a naturally cozy vibe. You can use woven tapestries to create a charmingly ethnic aura. Braided cotton baskets can be used to feature indoor planters and stunning rugs of all types can imbue a sense of comfort within the space.

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Design a gallery wall

gallery wall

Studies show that looking at art can make you feel happy. It can also help reduce stress. So, if you want to evoke a sense of comfort and familiarity in your homes, then you can design a gallery wall that features all of your favorite art and décor items. 

What most people forget is that gallery walls don’t have to be stagnant or comprise of only one kind of art medium. They can consist of a variety of framed photographs, artwork, decorative wall hangings – all arranged in an artistically asymmetric manner. This combo may seem a little cluttered, but it’s an organized sort of chaos, which will definitely add a comfortable vibe to your homes.

However, if you’re not comfortable with this idea, then even a simple, symmetric, and fully organized gallery wall can have the same effect!

So, these are some clever tips that you can use to enhance your home’s comfort. We hope this guide helps you achieve the kind of familiarity and coziness that you’ve had in your mind.

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