People sometimes tend to get intimidated by the mention of interior design. It brings to mind fancy houses, expensive decor and is often a harsh reminder of the disparities between the haves and the have nots. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Interior design deals with a lot more than just the cosmetic aspects of home remodeling, like where to place a potted plant or what color to paint the walls. So, why is interior design important to home remodeling? Let’s find out.

What is interior design?


Interior design addresses how to optimize the usage of a space while also keeping it aesthetically pleasing for the people who use the space. Simply put, the aim of interior design is to help you make the most out of a space without compromising on looks or functionality. Interior designers are experts who work with architects and builders to ensure that the planning and execution of construction and remodeling projects deliver on these aspects.

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Is it important for my home remodeling?

Hiring an interior designer ought to be one of the first things you do while planning your home remodeling project. Here are some reasons why interior design is an important element of any home home renovation project.

1. Functionality

Good design will help you maximize the functionality of your home. A badly planned large house can feel cluttered, while a small home with smart interior design elements can be supremely functional.

Interior design will show you how to get different elements such as furniture, lighting, lofts, staircases and more to work in harmony within the space present in your home.

2. Lifestyle

An interior designer will know how to personalise the interiors of your home to reflect your lifestyle.

For example, if your home needs a mud room, or if you need to make space for a home office, your interior designer will be able to help you modify your current home to fit in those lifestyle needs.

3. Aesthetics

Interior designers know exactly what it takes to transform ordinary looking interior spaces into an aesthetically perfect wonderland. Be it colors, textures, ambience or design, interior designers how to bring out the best aesthetic qualities of each room based on its purpose.

interior designers

4. Savings

Home remodeling begins with getting accurate estimates to figure out how much the project will cost and then figuring out how best to reduce those costs without having to compromise on quality. Good interior designers know the best contractors, wholesalers and tradesmen. Whether it is getting you discounts on paint and timber or picking out great deals on furnishings and gadgetry, interior designers can help you rake in the savings with your home renovation.

5. Safety

Keeping your home accident proof is something you’ve probably not given much thought to. Interior designers know how to make our homes safe from accidents, especially if there are children in the family.

Be it how safely hide wiring harnesses or child proofing rooms and furniture, an expert interior designer can help set your mind at ease when it comes to internal safety.

6. Maintenance

We would be lying if we said all homes do not need regular cleaning and maintenance. However, that maintenance doesn’t have to be a cumbersome chore.

Interior designers will help you design your home in ways that will keep it looking beautiful while still allowing you to access and clean every nook and cranny easily.

7. Real estate value

Whether you’re looking at renting your home out or selling it, a well designed home will fetch you more in the market.

Most home buyers and renters look for homes that they have to spend as little time as possible customizing.

Real Estate Value

8. Accessibility

A home with thoughtful interior design will be easily accessible to everyone in the family based on needs. 

Be it easy access to rooms and bathrooms for the old and infirm or wheelchair access if you have specially abled family members, interior designers can help you design the interiors of your home to suit all their needs.

9. Time

Unless you have plenty of spare time on hand, hiring a professional to bring your vision for home interiors to life is a practical way to save time and effort.

10. Mental and physical wellbeing

Interior design is, in a way, a service to society. A well designed home is a stress reliever, allowing us to focus on living well. The optimized utilization of space helps our homes feel and look uncluttered, while the importance given to functionality helps us get the most out of every aspect of our homes.

Interior decorators know what colors work to reduce stress and induce better rest in bedrooms, what colors allow for creativity and efficiency in home offices, what colors allow for relaxation and entertainment in family rooms. This knowledge helps them plan our homes in ways that are uplifting to our physical and mental wellbeing.

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