Kitchen decoration is as important as any other room decoration in the house. There is, however, a slight difference when it comes to the choice of curtains for the kitchen. This can be attributed to the “industrial” nature of the kitchen. Kitchen curtains should be able to withstand the dirt and effluents, fumes, and lighting while blending with both the tiles and furniture.

The following tips will guide you in choosing the right curtains for your kitchen for both elegance and functionality!

1. Fabric

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A wide variety of curtain fabric is available. The choice of a specific fabric depends on your particular needs. For instance, if you need privacy in your kitchen from other rooms, you can opt for heavy fabrics. If you need a well-lighted kitchen, you may need airy and light fabrics. The curtains near the kitchen sink should be from easily washable fabrics like cotton and linen.

For the curtains near the fireplace or the stove, you can opt for those curtains that are treated against fire. Different fabrics offer different services in the kitchen. The fabrics chosen should, however, be able to blend in with the kitchen theme for an amazing look.

2. Color

Color is one of the most important considerations when it comes to choosing kitchen curtains. If the color of the curtains clashes with the kitchen theme, then the kitchen will have a terrible look and feel. The color of the curtains should seamlessly blend in with the kitchen colors. They should match the tiles both form the walls and the floor.

If the tiles and walls have neutral colors, the neutrality should carry on with the curtains. Before you buy the curtains, it is wise to first select a range of color samples to find out which matches with your kitchen. You can also invite a professional opinion for finessed advice.

3. Pattern

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Curtain pattern depends on your vision and what you deem as beautiful or elegant in your kitchen. Different patterns are available including united, stripes, flowery, geometric shapes and many more. For customized patterns, you can consult your designer and provide the specific details that you need for your curtains.

A professional designer will advise you accordingly of what patterns are viable depending on the colors and theme of your kitchen.

4. Size and linings

Kitchen curtains are somehow different from other rooms’ curtains in terms of length and linings.  The curtains in the kitchen should not be too long to keep them away from the sink and stove. It is obvious that long curtains near the stove can easily catch fire and burn the whole house down! Moreover, long curtains near the sink can easily get wet and dirty and this is unhygienic in the kitchen.

The size of the curtains should be in such a way that they provide safety as well as ample light in the kitchen. The linings should be made in a way that they can be easily folded when need be. A good quality sewing machine should be able to make such linings and stitches.

5. Ease and type of cleaning

You don’t need kitchen curtains that will give you a headache when it comes to washing them. The curtains should be easily washable and free of stains. This will, of course, come with the right choice of fabric. Light and airy curtains are the ideal types for the kitchen.

Before making a purchase decision, make sure that you are aware of the type of washing that your curtains require. For the curtains to last long, the right washing should be done. There are those fabrics that can only be washed using a washing machine while others can only be hand washed. Make sure you chose the curtains that will be easily washed using your method of choice.

6. Consultancy and professional opinion

Sometimes you can be spoilt for choices and at the same time operating on a limited budget. This makes it hard to purchase a wide variety and therefore you need to make well-informed decisions. This is where professional opinion comes in. You can consult a local designer or do your research online.

There are also professional consultancy agencies who provide viable fashion and décor advice and can be useful when you are unable to choose the right curtains for your kitchen. They will show you what blends with what and other décor aspects.

Final words

Kitchen décor is highly dependent on the type of curtains installed. The ability of the curtains to blend in with the kitchen theme and colors produce amazing results. The curtains don’t have to be expensive or sophisticated but they just need the right ones. Professional opinion is available both on the internet and from the local designers. You don’t have to guess when it comes to choosing the right curtains for your kitchen!

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