Replacing windows, changing the floor and remodeling your bathroom are not necessarily expensive projects, but there is a lot of misinformation surrounding the time, money and effort involved in many home renovation projects. Here we will go over several popular renovations to determine which are worth it and to hopefully eliminate six home renovation myths along the way. Then you can approach your project with more confidence and knowledge, even if your budget is tight.

Replacing windows

Myth 1: “It’s a lot of work and it’s expensive.”

No. A window can be mounted in 3 to 4 hours, so all the windows in your house can be probably be changed in a couple of days. As for the “it’s expensive” aspect of this home renovation myth, you should always arm yourself with up-to-date pricing information and check with your regional and local administrations to learn whether they grant aid for window replacements. You can also deduct a percentage of taxes in your annual declaration for many window projects, and you will most likely save a lot on heating cooling your home as well.

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Myth 2: “Insulated windows prevent all types of condensation, humidity, etc.”

No. You have to take all the characteristics of the room into account. Generally, windows should not be watertight if the room is too exposed to moisture and does not have good ventilation. Condensation may appear on the outside of your windows, especially those that face north or receive little sun.

Changing the floor

Myth 3: “Changing a ceramic floor is a very laborious work.”

Again, no. Today there are dovetailed floors that can be installed above your current floor without much work because the tiles fit together and do not require any material to grip. In addition, you will save money ripping up the existing floor slabs.

Upgrading a kitchen countertop

glass shelves

Myth 4: “Putting in a new countertop means getting new kitchen furniture.”

No, this is one of the home renovation myths that has survived for decades. You can renew the look of your kitchen without touching the furniture by removing your old countertop and installing a new one that suits your tastes. You might choose to coat your current countertop with micro-cement instead, an on-trend move that many designers suggest. As a bonus, you will save on the disassembly and the making of holes for the sink that you face with replacement.

Renovating the bathroom

steam shower costs

Myth 5: “Getting a spa is expensive.”

No. There are hydro-massage columns with six jets starting at about $60 and installing them is very easy — just remove the faucet and connect to the hydrants.

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Myth 6: “Changing the bathtub for a shower is too labor-intensive to be worthwhile.”

The response to the last of our six home renovation myths is — you guessed it — no. This project involves removing the bathtub, cleaning up any rubble left behind and installing a shower tray, which should only take about eight hours. You then need to let it dry for one full day. That’s it! To make the work tidier, it is better to put a flat base of mineral resins and panels of the same material on the wall (24 inches high) to avoid having to shop around for suitably similar tiles.

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