Window glasses have a huge impact on the energy savings of a house. It is thus, a good idea to replace window glasses once in a while as a hygiene exercise. Many individuals have a tendency to wait until a window glass gets broken or becomes completely useless. However, this isn’t the best approach. This article will give you an idea about the costs involved in a normal window glass replacement project along with other related important information.

Is it cheaper to replace the glass or the whole window?

It is naturally a lot cheaper to replace just the glass instead of the entire window. As a matter, in fact, the total cost of replacing a window can be 50% more than that of just replacing the glass. So, which option should you go for? While the immediate money difference is a valid factor to consider, there are other things at play too. If you replace the entire window, you will be able to enjoy a significant boost in terms of outside noise cancellation, energy-saving, and resale value. This decision is more like choosing between a long term fix and a temporary solution. 

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How much does it cost to replace glass in a window?

You can expect to pay anywhere between $166 and $375 for single-pane window glass replacement. The repair costs can amount to $270. However, for double pane window glasses, the replacement cost can go up to $400.

Glass typeAverage Price Range
Single$50 – $75
Double$350 – $400
Bay (3)$500 – $1,000
Bow (5+)$1,000 – $3,000

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Can you replace glass in a double-pane window?

Yes, you can change the glass in a double-pane window. The replacement cost depends on the size of the project in question.

TypeJust glass (per window)Glass and new frame (per window)
Single hung$100 – $150$175 – $350
Double hung$260 – $290$300 – $800
Sliding Picture$160$300 – $800

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The type of the new glass has a role to play in pricing

The total cost of the project will also depend on the type of glass that you are looking to install. While cost is an important factor, check out the pros and cons of each glass type as well.

TypePrice per sq. ft.ProsCons
Tempered impact-resistant$12-$14
  • Strong glass type
  • Less likely to cause injury if it breaks
  • Cannot be cut without shattering
  • Expensive
Laminated insulated$10-$20
  • Holds well under impact
  • Blocks 99% of UV
  • Sound-reduction properties
  • Difficult to install
Thermopane thermal$10-$14
  • High energy-efficiency
  • Lowers heating and cooling costs
  • Moisture can build up between glass panes
Plate, flat$25-$100
  • Flat and clear
  • Contains few irregularities
  • Not a good insulator
  • Can get scratched easily
  • Reduces heat and noise transmission
  • Helps to reduce energy bills
  • Hard to repair, as disturbing the glass may break the airtight seal
  • Higher initial cost
Shaw Windows$10-$14
  • Energy-efficient with weather-proofing features
  • Easy to maintain
  • Made of 1+ movable panes
  • Not very secure

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