Vacation or rental homes serve as second homes – the perfect place to go when homeowners want to be away from the stress of routine chores and office work. Most of the vacation home designs are smaller and less formal than a primary residence. The idea is to keep it simple, functional, and yet stylish.  

The dwelling unit can be on the same property as in the case of a guest house (an annex) or a separate piece of real estate like a rental home. Generally, such a property comes with an open floor plan featuring one or two bedrooms, a bathroom(s), a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, and an outdoor seating area or terrace if the space permits.

If you too are looking for such a property for the perfect break from everyday tensions and workload, we have some great vacation home designs that our expert architect has created. You can use these design styles for inspiration for your next home renovation project.  

We have different guest room designs – each one with the same square footage. The dimensions for each vacation home design are 23.46ft x 16.90ft. The total area is 396.33ft². 

Each style comes with large bedrooms, separate areas for entertainment or play, a dressing room with ample storage, and a ¾ bathroom or a full bathroom.

Vacation home design # 1

  • Great for: Families with teenage children 
  • Inclusions: Three rooms – bedroom, dressing room with large storage, and a full bathroom
  • Design style: Modern beach style
  • Ideal location: Can be on the main floor, upper level, or in a finished basement 
  • Dimensions 23.46ft x 16.90ft. Area 396.33ft²
  • Bedroom: 12.14ft x 16.90ft. Area 205.05ft²
  • Dressing room: 10.83ft x 8.04ft. Area 87.08ft²
  • Spa bathroom: 10.83ft x 8.37ft. Area 90.63ft²

The floor plan

vacation rental layout
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

The vacation house plan

On the left side of the floor plan, there’s a bedroom with a sitting area, a desk for drawing or reading, two chairs, a good storage space for toys and books, and an area for games and entertainment – with multimedia and video game equipment. 

On the right side, there are two rooms, a dressing room with a built-in piece of furniture in the shape of a “U” and a mirror. There are two windows providing ventilation and natural light. There’s also a skylight in the ceiling to add to the ambient lighting. 

At the back is the bathroom with a double sink, a toilet, a shower area, and a bathtub.

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The views

Longitudinal section view.
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez
Longitudinal section view from the entrance to the room
View in longitudinal section, from the wall of the window at the back of the room
Cross-sectional view, from the wall to the right of the distribution plan
Cross-sectional view, from the windows on the left wall of the room
Cross-sectional view, from the right wall of the room

Vacation home design # 2

  • Great for: Families with teenagers
  • Ideal location: Part of the main floor, upper story, or finished basement 
  • Dimensions: 23.46ft x 16.90ft. Area 396.33ft²
  • Recommended height: More than 8.20ft
  • Bedroom: 12.14ft x 8.53ft; 14.11ft x 8.37ft. Area 220.42ft²
  • Dressing room: 10.83ft x 8.04ft. Area 87.08ft²
  • ¾ bath: 8.86ft x 8.37ft. Area 74.11ft²

The floor plan

second layout
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

The vacation home plan

This design has three rooms like the previous design – but a smaller bathroom and dressing room. 

The entrance is through a swinging door measuring 2.95ft. There is sufficient free space of about 5.25ft to 6.89ft for circulation. There’s a play area in front of two cute bunk beds (5.25ft x 6.38ft) with a ladder of 2.46ft.

You also have the option of having an additional sliding bed under the lower bunk if required. So, in total, you can accommodate five beds in the room.

Just in front of this arrangement, there’s a dressing room – accessed through a sliding door of 2.62ft. The dressing area has sufficient wall storage in an “L” shape. 

Further ahead, there’s a built-in entertainment area with a cabinet measuring 1.97ft x 8.37ft. The storage unit has both open shelves as well as closed drawers.

There’s enough natural light coming through a window. Moreover, there’s a 4.27ft x 2.13ft skylight in the middle of the room that lets in more natural light. There are two mirrors that further help to make the room appear brighter and bigger. 

The ¾ bathroom is accessed through a swinging door of 2.30ft and has a double bathroom sink, a large shower with glass enclosures, and a 4.92ft window facing east. 

Vacation home design # 3

  • Ideal location: Part of the main floor, upper story, or finished basement 
  • Dimensions: 23.46ft x 16.90ft. Area 396.33ft²
  • Anteroom and study: 14.44ft x 6.23ft. Area 89.99ft²
  • Bedroom: 8.69ft x 16.90ft. Area 146.90ft²
  • Dressing room: 4.43ft x 2.95ft; 6.23ft x 7.38ft. Area 59.09ft²
  • ¾ bathroom: 9.51ft x 2.62ft

The floor plan

third layout
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

The room design

This room is accessed through a sliding door of 2.95ft. There’s an anteroom, a study space for drawing or for reading with an “L”-shaped table of 8.69ft x 4.92ft, two chairs, and a window measuring 4.92ft.

As you move to the left of the bedroom, there’s space to accommodate beds or bunk beds of 3.94ft x 6.89ft with opposing headboards. The room also features deep shelves for toy storage and other home décor items. In addition, each bed has an extra sliding bed of 3.28ft x 6.23ft under it. In total, you can have six beds. And, the remaining free space can be used as a play area.

There’s a 1.31ft x 4.76ft cabinet for entertainment purposes facing the beds. It features open shelving where you can place your video games, a flat TV, an audio system, or any other multimedia equipment. 

On the other side, you can place another storage shelf of 7.55ft x 0.98ft, a chair of 2.62ft x 2.13ft, and a 6.56ft window for ventilation and natural light. 

The architect recommends using a lot of textures to brighten up the room. You could use interesting puffs, throw pillows, blankets, or cushions.

The dressing room – accessed by a sliding door of 2.30ft – has floor-to-ceiling cabinets.

The way to the bathroom is through a swinging door of 2.30ft. 

This area features a 3.38ft x 4.92ft shower, a double sink of 4.76ft x 1.80ft, a bathroom storage cabinet of 1.80ft x 2.62ft, and a toilet measuring 2.95ft x 4.92ft on the left. There’s a 2.30ft window to ventilate and illuminate this space.

Last thoughts

A home away from home, a vacation house (or a rental property) is meant to be low maintenance, relaxing, and fully functional. And, if it also has an outdoor living area, the place becomes even more charming.

If you’re looking for inspiring vacation home designs, we’re sure you’ll love what our architect has to offer. Take pointers from these designs and enjoy peace and tranquility in your personal haven.

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I think the third design must be something of a trend, it’s been three consecutive years that I’ve been in vacation hotels with that shape