Designing your own space is really the best part of moving in a new home. Furniture arrangement in your house is an important job and is an integral part of the interior design. This is a professional job and not everyone can tackle it. But each one of us has an idea of a perfect home and with a little experimentation, you can design it by yourself.

You have to be really creative when arranging the bedroom furniture. You really do not need to follow the rules to the optimum and there are times that they can be broken as well. This is because bedroom is one of the most difficult areas to design in a home, especially if it is a compact one.

Before you begin placing the furniture of your bedroom you need to think about the different pieces of furniture that you want to use. The furniture in your bedroom must be functional. This is imperative to the smaller apartments because of the lack of space. Less furniture would make small spaces appear spacious. Think more about practicality rather than the whims and fancies. Below are few tips to help you arrange the furniture in your bedroom:

Arrange the Furniture You Own

Never buy new furniture at once when you go into a new apartment. Take a good look at the bedroom furniture you have at home. See if they are in good condition and can be reused. If you can use them then it is best to first arrange these pieces of furniture. This way you will know what else you require at home.

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Place Your Bed at the Center of The Wall

Bedroom design

The focus point of arranging the bedroom furniture is always your bed. If you have a small room then it is best to place it at the center of the wall. This is the most visible part and will also make room at both the sides of your bed. If the room is large you can also place bedside stands as well.

The Rug Should Be Placed Carefully

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The placement of rug might seem unimportant and a minor detail in the interior decoration of the room. But, the successful placement of a rug can make your bedroom look neat, cozy, spacious and warm. If you place the bed at the center of the wall then the rug must be placed a little under your bed so that you can place your feet on a soft and comfortable rug in the morning. If you have placed your bed at the corner then you can place the rug around your dressing table.

Placement of the rug is imperative but so is the size of the rug. A rug should be of the right size and must not appear overwhelmingly large for the room.

Combine the Dressing Table and Closet

bedroom ideas

If there are large pieces of bedroom furniture they can make your room appear small. If you own a big closet then you can easily create space for your dresser inside the closet. There will be more space for movement in the room. This way you can also keep the clothes and accessories together in one place.

Storage is Important

If you live in an apartment, chances are that you have less space and a lot more stuff to fit in. The key to arranging bedroom furniture perfectly is to create good storage space. You can be imaginative and design storage spaces under the bed, back of the door etc. 


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Millie Hue
Millie Hue

Wow, I love that you gave such a great idea for storing lots of items in a small room. Like you said, one can have a bed with a storage space under it to make the room more spacious. I think I might have to go out this weekend to look for a furniture like this because my condo unit is really small, and I have a lot of belongings. Thanks!


I just love the way you have shared the information about how to arrange the furniture accordingly. The article was useful. I will try to maintain your given tips at my home too, Fitting an object in a particular place is a very difficult task. Thanks


This is very good detailing on bedroom arrangement for better sleeping. Furniture are the most vital part of it.shared in a very understanding manner and I find it very useful for me, thank you so much for sharing. Keep sharing !!

steele honda
steele honda

Thanks for the bedroom furniture arrangement tips. I was recently in a suite at a hotel that I loved the design of. I am trying to figure out how I can replicate that in my own bedroom.

Adrian Jones
Adrian Jones

I like how you mention that one of the leading costs that hold people back from replacing their office furniture is cost since this kind of furniture normally gets replaced by the office that they work in–at the same time, though, employees should also be granted the right to their own comfort. At the same time, comfort should be the first priority when it comes to getting these furniture purchased since you’re going to be sitting in them the entire day. If I had the chance to be able to select furniture for an office I would select those that… Read more »

Shayla Cademis
Shayla Cademis

Thanks for the suggestion to create room in the closet for a dresser to maximize room space. My husband and I want to add armchairs to our master bedroom so we can create a small space to unwind. I think moving our dressers to our closet will give us the space we need to do so. Hopefully we can find some great chairs to match our room!

Elisabeth Southgate
Elisabeth Southgate

I like how you said that the bed is always the focal point of your bedroom. My husband and I are thinking of remodeling our bedroom. Keeping the bed as a focal point might in our planning will be good.