Every man dreams of a special place to hang out with friends and a bar is the ultimate essence of a man cave. Having a bar in your home is an ideal place to entertain family and friends, unwind after a long day and is undoubtedly a personal treasure. Installing a bar at home is a classy way to engage guests. Bars can be decorated in numerous ways; therefore it is a great idea to establish your budget and theme before investing in fashionable essentials. Decorating a home bar is all about your personal style. A contemporary bar emphasizes more on the visual look than the traditional comforts. Funky lighting, sophistication and clean lines are the order of the day.

Home Bar Lighting 

Finalizing on your bar lighting is as important as your bar design itself. A subtle lighting is employed in most bars with some variations in colors. Contemporary bars comprise of lighting elements within the bar itself.  LED spotlights and recessed lighting strips will prove more attractive. Some spotlighting can be complemented with multiple light fittings suspended over the walls. You can use reflective surfaces and colored lighting to get the right look.

You cannot overlook the other detailed lighting in addition to the basic lighting to complete the lighting of your bar. You need to consider additional lighting for your liquor displays, under the bar, on the bar, on your walls, and for the overall space. You need to register that not all these spaces require contemporary lighting.


If you own any kind of drinking establishment or a home bar, you are sure to know the need to have the best top-of-the-range accessories. Right accessories can turn a good evening into a great evening.

Create a perfect drink for family and friends with your selection of luxury and designer barware. From hip flasks, designer glassware, mixing glasses, coasters and napkins, cocktail shakers, trays, strainer, optic measures, speed rails, muddlers, ice trays, juice press, ice crusher, and cocktail spoons, barware ensures an impressive setting and delicious drinks whatever the occasion. With an array of styles to suit any setting, a chick cocktail party can be hosted with ease. Below listed are a few must-haves for a well-stocked bar

GLASSWARE: Almost all cocktail recipes demand a certain style of glassware typically used for that particular drink.  While you shop for glasses, you are bound to find a variety of designs within every style. Look for features that suit your bar style and ensure you stay away from thin glassware that easily breaks which applies to the stems of the glasses as well. There are a few must-have glass wares for your in-house bar counter – The cocktail glasses, Highball and Collins glasses, Traditional rock glasses, Shot glasses, Margarita glasses, Champagne glasses, Wine glasses and  Beer Mugs. You can also have all especially cocktail glasses, Irish coffee glasses and Short especially cocktail glasses.

MIXING GLASS: A mixing glass that can accommodate at least a half a liter of liquid is suitable. A mixing glass is thick enough not to shatter a cocktail spoon banging around the edges. All you need to ensure is that it has a pour spout so you can comfortably empty the contents into a glass.

COASTERS AND NAPKINS: Napkins and coasters are essential pieces for your bar, which aid in keeping your bar from being sticky and messy. You can choose from a variety of beverage napkins and coasters from several styles and a variety of colors.

COCKTAIL SHAKERS: A cocktail shaker is an essential accessory for any bar. There is no other way to make a cocktail. You can choose from a lofty assortment of cocktail shakers, you will find the small ones, big ones, steel ones, copper ones, and a range that will make you feel spoilt. With an appropriate cocktail shaker in mind, you will definitely serve a bond worthy cocktail.

STRAINERS: Strainers are equally as essential as cocktail shakers to make a cocktail. While you have got all the ingredients right and shaken your cocktail, all you now need is a strainer to strain all the unappealing fruit pulps and those unnecessary ice precipitates. Strainers are a must have for all bars.

COCKTAIL SPOONS: One of the most essential, yet basic accessories required to prepare a cocktail is a cocktail spoon. It is a very important part of the bar because of its versatility. A cocktail spoon comes into play when you are not shaking your cocktail, you might just have to stir a few ingredients together. The process of stirring is made easier when you use a specialized cocktail spoon. Cocktail spoons are also used to measure ingredients, garnish drinks and to layer drinks.

SPEED RAILS: The lives of bartenders are made a lot easier because of speed rails. Speed rails aid you in quickly spotting the liquor you need. Ensure you stock up your speed rail with all the necessary spirits – Gin, Rum, Vodka, Whiskey, Tequilas and as many more as you desire. You can choose from small, medium and large speed rails.

OPTIC MEASURES: Anyone who is looking at saving money and eliminating waste is required to possess an optic measure. The optic measure ensures a perfect balance by measuring the exact amount of spirit – not very frail, nor very stiff.

MUDDLERS AND A JUICE PRESS: A muddler aids in crushing tasty ingredients to unfasten their goodness. Circumvent anything coated or varnished to avoid getting it muddled with your drink.

Keep a hand press handy to juice limes which go into many cocktail recipes. You can get a bigger one to crush oranges as well, the more crush, the better.

ICE CRUSHERS: In the bartending and hospitality industry, crushed ice is a common request. Serve up your beverages and other cocktails by crushing your own ice like a master mixologist. You can pick one from a selection of ice crushers to suit your needs.

ICE TRAYS: Unless you employ ice picks and mallets to chip your own cubes, you would need to bring on those ice trays. A 1.25 inch is a standard option for ice trays used in mixing a cocktail.

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Bar Furniture

While you have dreamt forever of owning a bar in the comfort of your own home, there is a wide array of stunning and trendy bar furniture’s that include sideboards, bar stools, chairs and bar cabinets. You can get yourself a neat corner cabinet if you have a corner that is not used may be somewhere in a dining or a hall. If you own a small area, mini bar furniture’s can be adapted to function and form.

The most economical and simplest options for seating are simple stools without a backrest. You can choose to invest in high chairs with comfortable armrests and backrests if you are perching for one. An adjustable swivel chair is an ultimate buy which is most comfortable for extended durations of time.

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bar stools
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Final Thoughts

Decorating a home bar is no rocket science.  Invest in the basic equipment’s, have a spread that will impress armatures, stock up all the essential liquor and make a professional nod in approval.  Update and upgrade your senior bars by bringing out a new style that will make your friends keep getting back for more.

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