Small Apartment Interior Design Hacks

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Monstrous, sprawling homes with plenty of rooms to remodel, redecorate and storage space galore sound great, but with more people wanting to live near city centers and small homes becoming more of the norm than mini-mansions, odds are you may end up kind of short on square footage. However, a small home doesn’t have to sacrifice style. With a little imagination, innovative furniture, and these smart space-planning ideas, you can optimize every precious inch of your home’s square footage.

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Fold, stack, and slide

When considering how to furnish a tiny pad, one word is key: flexibility. When purchasing furniture pieces, ask yourself how you can potentially minimize each one when it’s not in use. In general, look out for items that:

Fold away, like this desk:

fold-up wall desk

Stack, like these chairs:

stackable modern chairs

Slot on, like this great, space-saving alternative to a coffee table:

armchair table idea

Clever built-ins

When selecting built-in furniture or having it made, you can maximize space by looking for pieces that have a double function. Here are some great examples:

Instead of a classic bed-base, this one is a raised platform that doubles as a drawer unit:

under-the-bed storage for small apartment

This nifty panelled storage wall contains lots of secret spaces, including a slide-out bookshelf ladder, pull-out closet and a table and chairs set.

storage solutions for small apartments

Plenty of mirrors

It sounds so simple, but it’s also very effective. Large mirrors can visually double the size of a small space and also help to bounce some added light into a dim apartment. A great solution that avoids using up valuable wall space (that can be better used to place furniture and storage against) is to mount/clad mirrors on doors or sliding panels just like this:

hidden storage

Use vertical space

Don’t just think of your apartment as a floor plan. Instead, remember that you have lots of vertical space at your disposal, too. Here are a variety of ways that you best utilize all of your space:

Gain loads of free drawer or wall space in a small kitchen by investing in a hanging rack for your pots.

interior design for small apartments

If you have adequate height, consider adding a mezzanine or platform which is perfect for a low bed as you can get away with less ceiling height than other spaces, such as living rooms.

Commonly overlooked high level spaces such as those above doors can be turned into storage or display shelves like this:

Storage solutions for small apartments

Room dividers

If you have a tiny apartment, the worst thing you can do is make it smaller by breaking it up with lots of extra walls, instead try these options as space dividers:

Separating spaces with a bookshelf unit provides storage, and at the same time light and a view through the complete space without breaking it up.

bookshelf room divider

Sliding partitions are the ultimate way to bring adaptability to your small apartment, allowing you to enjoy the whole space during the day and close off part of it at night to use as a bedroom, for example.

sliding partition ideas

Create unity and light with material and color

To help create the illusion of more space, stick to only one, light-reflecting color for the walls (white or beige tones), and just one or two materials that can be wrapped around the space to give it continuity and the illusion of greater space:

hidden storage, bright modern bedroom, window, white curtains

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