Adults in the modern world have increasingly busy lives, so it’s more important than ever to have a dedicated room for relaxation. For most of us, rest time takes place in the bedroom: a space for reading, sleeping, and spending quality time alone or with a partner, though many of us struggle to give this area the attention it deserves. Most of us are clueless about how to decorate a bedroom.

In a perfect world, our sleeping quarters would exist in their own self-contained bubbles, free of the demands of work, childcare, and chores. However, the reality is that most of us now use our homes multi-functionally, and it’s not always easy to create a distinction between work and downtime. To help you take back your bedroom, here are five tips to help you furnish the ultimate relaxing space.

Invest In Your Dream Bed

As the old adage goes, “you’re either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both.” A good night’s sleep will affect all areas of your life, including your happiness, physical health, and productivity so don’t skimp on comfort where it matters most. Treat yourself to a luxurious bed that you look forward to slipping into each night and a comfortable mattress that provides proper back support. You can find beautifully crafted wooden sleigh beds online that are sure to turn your bedroom into the ultimate dreamland.

Free Up Space with Built-In Storage

Your bedroom should be for sleeping and relaxing only, so you shouldn’t have lots of items taking up space. The best way to eliminate clutter is to choose built-in storage cupboards and shelves that blend seamlessly into your décor. Try to keep your items organized and be sure to de-clutter your bedside tables regularly to help keep your space as tranquil as possible.

Swap Out Your Curtains 

Curtains are another home furnishing that is worth spending money on. The right pair of drapes can block out drafts and prevent damp build-up in your property, plus, heavy-duty curtains tend to look more elegant than the flimsy variety. Make the most of this feature in your room by collecting fabric swatches and considering different colors and textures to complement your décor.

Opt for Luxury Lighting 

If you’re craving relaxation, you’ll need to light your bedroom accordingly. Opt for reading lamps with a soft glow, clusters of candles, wardrobe lighting and a dimmer switch on your overhead light to help you find the perfect brightness for all times of the day. If you also use your bedroom as a workspace, you’ll need to add task lights (such as desk or floor lamps) that you can turn off when you’ve finished your work to signify the shift to downtime.


Adding finishing touches to your décor will help you personalize the space and create the bedroom of your dreams. Consider what artwork you can add to the walls to make you feel happy and relaxed. Choose calming, neutral colors that will help you wind down after a busy day, and treat yourself to some new bed linens and cozy cushions to complete the look.

How to Decorate A Bedroom for Ultimate Relaxation was last modified: February 24th, 2022 by Alec Neufeld
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